Block Heels You Won't Want to Take Off!

It is time to treat yourself to a stylish new pair of block heels. These stylish pumps are a must-have in every girl's wardrobe. Moreover, you will find that these pumps are perfect to wear all year long. So whether there is rain, hail, or shine, you can always trust that a pair of block heels can tie your look together. 


These are the type of shoes you will never want to take off. You will love wearing a set of these block heels from morning until night. The team here at Spendless Shoes shop has gathered a stylish range of block heels for every girl to wear. In addition, you will find your new favourite set of pumps right here with us. 


There is nothing better than a pair of these new arrivals ​block heels, so take a quick view below to find out more.


Style 1 – Cake Stand 


Say hello to the cake-stand design of block heels. This type of look is super popular in the world of fashion right now. You will find that a set of cake-stand block heels are a must-have item in every girl's wardrobe. 


These pumps offer a unique and comfortable experience for every girl. You will love how fashionable these block heels are and how supportive they are on your feet. There is nothing better than having a set of cake-stand block heel shoes in your life. The best thing about wearing these pumps is that you can style them with every outfit. 


Whether it is a mini dress or casual jeans and a crop, you can always trust your block heels to look great with this look. Sign up for a new account to enjoy low price items and many benefits from our shop. 


Style 2 – Self-Tie


Checkout our range of self-tie block heels. These pumps are a must-have for every girl's wardrobe. You will find that these are super comfortable on your feet and are very stylish too. 


Our range of self-tie block heels can take your look to the next level without even trying. You will love how fashionable these pumps look on your feet. The one thing we love about wearing a set of self-tie block heels is that you can style the straps however you like. 


The choice is yours when it comes to wearing a perfect pair of self-tie block heels. You can tie these up in a bow that sits under your knee, or you can wrap them around your ankle for a low-cut bow. You can unleash your inner creativity when you wear a set of self-tie block heels. 


Style 3 – Pastel


Take things up a notch with our range of pastel-coloured block heels. These are a must-have for all of your summer activities. But, of course, there is nothing better than showing off your latest pair of pastel-coloured block heels on a warm and sunny day. 


We love what a set of pastel coloured block heels can do for your warm-weather look. These shoes give a soft pop of colour to your outfit, which is perfect for showing off on a hot day. You will find a set of block heels in a range of pastel colours. This look can include blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow, to name a few. 


You will want to wear a set of these pumps all day long, thanks to their unique and stylish pastel colour. There is something special about wearing these pastel-coloured pumps. 


Style 4 – Bright


Strut your stuff in a set of bright coloured block heels. These are perfect for girls who love vibrant and eccentric looks. You will love how glamourous these can make your feet look with minimal effort. You will find that a set of bright-coloured block heels are the must-have pair in your life. 


These pumps look perfect with every outfit, especially during the summer season. However, you will look best in these block heels when you pair them with a monochrome-coloured outfit. Whether it is a black mini body dress or an all-white jumpsuit, you can trust that your bright coloured block heels will help you stand out from the crowd. 


There is no better feeling than adding something new to your daily look. You will love to wear a set of bright coloured block heels for your summer outfit. We can ensure that you will have all eyes on you in these pumps. 


Style 5 – Kitten


Do you love to wear stilettos, but you hate the feeling of pain afterwards? Well, now you can say goodbye to pain and hello to comfort. That's right; our range of kitten block heels are the perfect in-between. We cannot get enough of something about a pair of kitten block heels. 


You will find that these pumps are similar in style to a set of stilettos but without the added height. Kitten block heels are perfect to wear from morning until night. They are comfortable, stylish, easy to wear all day long. There are plenty of outfits that you can style with a set of kitten block heels, and they can look super dressy or laidback. 


The options are endless with these pumps, which is why we are obsessed with these pumps. So if you are looking for a new set of pumps, now is your time to invest. These kitten block heels will not let you down. 




When you get your hands on a new pair of pumps, one thing we recommend is to invest in a set of shoe accessories. There is no better feeling than wearing a comfortable pair of block heels. With the help of some accessories, you will have comfortable and supported feet in your pumps. 


We recommend investing in a set of half-gel innersoles for your pair of pumps. These sit on the inside of your shoes and instantly add an extra layer of comfort for your feet. This feeling is hard to beat, so get your hands on some shoe accessories today! 


Have you fallen in love with a pair of block heels?


These pumps are bound to become your new go-to pair of shoes in no time. Block heels are super stylish and can turn any outfit into a masterpiece. Head to the Spendless Shoes website today to get your hands on a new pair. Make your first online order and enjoy many benefits from our store. Continue shopping with us!