Block Heels We Love for Summer (and Year Round!)

The search for heeled shoes has been an arduous one for ladies. Imagine trying on different options, finding the style you want, but ending up with shoes that add painful height. The experience can be traumatic because you spend time on it, learning to love it while accepting the pain it brings instead. The thing about shopping for heeled shoes is that it's hit or miss. While the styles you find may be pleasing to the eyes, they can be painful. It's time to turn things around with the help of Spendless. Let us introduce the concept of block heels—shoes with a broad base that distribute your weight. If this is the first time you've heard about these divine shoes, you should continue reading.


Spendless block heels are synonymous with comfortable height, allowing ladies to enjoy wearing heeled shoes this time. With summer around the corner and outdoor events piling up, now is the best time to discover them.


These are ideal for outdoor events because they don't get stuck on soft surfaces like soil and sand. Unlike when you wear thin and narrow stilettos, you won't trip on pavement cracks. Stilettos likely brought on your painful heeled shoe experience, as they put a lot of stress and weight on one part of your foot.


Get more comfortable with these heels and discover more about them with the help of the Spendless team. Let's start!


Heeled Shoes for Summer and the Rest of the Seasons


We love block heels with their larger surface area for many reasons. Besides distributing your weight, which is good for your health, they offer several benefits. Let's understand why ladies are going gaga over block heels:


  • Stable


Besides relieving stress on your feet, legs, and lower back, the broad base offers stability. As mentioned, several summer events will be outdoors, requiring you to navigate soft ground. With these all-day wear shoes, you can take each step outside with confidence. They enable you to go anywhere for extended periods, indoors or outdoors, and during all seasons. With them, you can navigate slick sidewalks in the winter.


  • Versatile


These heeled shoes have unparalleled adaptability. For instance, you can wear them anywhere, from casual to formal events. Whether you match them with denim shorts or long evening dresses, they effortlessly make you look good. It's worth noting that there are various height options for block-heel shoes. They come in low or high, so you don't have to limit yourself to only one kind. This versatility lets you choose what you want and maximise its use.


  • Breathable


Because of the limitless options, women's block heels come in various styles and designs. Summer styles usually involve open toes, open tops, and strappy pairs, which expose your feet and keep them well-ventilated. During hotter months, ladies prefer items that let their feet breathe. They offer what they need, which is why they are popular. For the rest of the year, you can go for covered options like heeled boots, which often use wider bases. Isn't that top-tier versatility?


  • Supportive


The broader base minimises foot strain, which is the kind of support you would want if you wore them for long periods. They save your feet, mainly the balls, from bearing the brunt of the pressure and pain.


  • Transeasonal


Investing in block heels is wise because you can use them all year. Unlike stilettos, which you won't dare wear during the winter when the streets are wet and slippery, you feel safe with their broad bases. You get more bang for your buck and a quick ROI with a pair of Spendless block heels.


The Spendless Styles to Look Out For


Since events are likely filling up your calendar, you need at least one pair to keep you cosy and confident through all of them. The inclusive collection of Spendless block heels caters to diverse tastes. The brand considers what you want for your events and what you need to remain comfortable. Each option of block heels in the collection seamlessly combines fashion and function, providing you with the best experience all year.


Style 1—Strappy 


Spendless strappy block heels are a worthy addition to your wardrobe. This elegant option provides ladies with fashion-forward designs and all-day wearability. You can choose block heels with ankle, top, mid strap, or a combination that holds them in place. Knowing your block heels will stay in place, you can dance, walk, mingle, and party all night.


Strappy styles provide a sexy silhouette, making transitioning from day to night easier. Wearing a breezy summer dress for a beachside party or an evening dress for a fundraising event will make your experience worthwhile.


Linda is an excellent choice from the vast Spendless collection. These self-tie strappy block heels offer a customisable fit, which you can maximise to boost your comfort and fashion. How you tie them around your ankles adds visual appeal, while the tightness determines your ease.


Style 2—Clear


This summer, expose your toes (and entire foot) with clear block heels from Spendless. The transparent design offers a barely-there aesthetic, making you look sexy and vulnerable. With nothing to hide, people will clap at your confidence and envy the futuristic style that a clear pair exudes.


This bold choice makes your legs look longer and slimmer and complements your clothes seamlessly. From casual jeans and tee combinations to evening gowns, clear block heels will ensure all eyes are on you when you enter the venue. While some people think they are a mere trend that will go away in a season or two, investing in any of the options from the Spendless collection is wise.


Choose Regina, the see-through block heel from Spendless. This regal footwear will make you feel like a queen entering her ball. Revolutionise the party scene with this option, showcasing its beautiful translucent heel and straps.


Boost Your Summer and Year with Spendless!


Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab your ideal block heels now. We've got a range of styles to suit every taste. Add a matching clutch to complete the look!