Block Heels That Won't Hurt Your Feet or Bank Balance

Block heels are the perfect all-day wear pair of shoes for women who crave height but are averse to pain and discomfort. The popularity of this footwear remains the same because of its comfort. In addition, block heels won't hurt your tootsies and won't affect your budget, especially if they come from Spendless.


Our block heels are stylish, comfortable, versatile, and affordable! But we understand that seeing all of them in one place can be overwhelming. So, please allow us to give you a rundown of the different block heels that you can call "answered prayers."


Say hello to your possible new pairs and bid farewell to foot and ankle pain!


Why are block heels the best for you?


Block heels will remain in vogue if women continue to look for footwear that gives them height and comfort. This footwear is versatile and can be worn to various events, like weddings, school formalities, and even a relaxed day at the park. As an example, let's take weddings and formalities.


These events are hours long, with dancing and mingling. You will value and adore this footwear when you're a guest and must remain comfortable and pain-free. With their larger surface area, block heels spread your weight evenly, putting less pressure on your tootsies and making it less likely that you'll trip and fall forward.


Because of their versatility, you can wear the same pair of styles to work. With these heels from Spendless, you can rush from one meeting to the next without breaking a sweat or swearing in pain.




Spendless has the most fashionable block heel styles in town. Our collection won't hurt your legs or bank balance. Our team will provide each rundown to help you make an informed decision.


Style 1: Strappy Block Heel


Purchase a pair of strappy styles that make you feel like a princess leaving for her royal ball. But in your fairytale, you won't be experiencing a Cinderella moment where you leave a shoe behind.


The presence of straps will keep them in place.


You can enjoy the party, dance, and easily mingle with people. Dance all night, way beyond the 12-midnight curfew, because they are that comfortable. Moreover, this footwear showcases your sexy feet and ankles, exposing them.


You will look good and feel great!


Style 2 - Platform Heeled Shoes


 Platforms from Spendless are ideal for someone looking for a comfortable lift. Thanks to the block heels at the back and the platform up front, you do not have to worry about losing your balance. Also, by raising the front of the foot, the design balances the whole foot and keeps the ankle from twisting by accident.


Comfort comes from having a lower tilt angle. In addition, this footwear makes you feel like you are walking on air.


Style 3 - Enclosed Toes 


 Our enclosed-toe styles are versatile enough to match denim and party outfits. They are perfect for dressing up a casual look, formal occasions, or weekend getaways. But do you want to power-dress at work more?


Footwear with closed toes conveys a sense of authority and assurance. You are telling your office coworkers that you mean business by wearing them. If you want to achieve what we have mentioned, think about it.


However, enclosed toes can occasionally press your toes together and be uncomfortable.




Do you prefer neutral, understated colours or strong, bright ones? Shoes at Spendless are available in 13 shades that will make you stand out. The following colours will match every outfit imaginable: black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


We know how challenging it is to shop for just one colour when there are more than a dozen options. But if you must choose just one colour, we suggest going with black or tan because they blend with everything.




Are you concerned that Spendless might not carry your size? Our beautiful footwear collection comes in the following sizes: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. Our helpful sizing guide can help you find the best fit for your Spendless size.


It's easy to do that if you know your shoe size in one of these systems: UK, US, or EU. Find its counterpart at Spendless, follow the easy steps, and you're all set!


Unlike Brand Z, Spendless Shoes Won't Break Your Bank Account!


Did we help make choosing easier? Or did we make it more difficult because you now want to buy all three styles? We understand if you go ahead and buy all these designs and colours right now!


We can reassure you that if you do that, it won't break your bank account because the price of all our block heels at Spendless is affordable. Also, with our flexible payment options like Afterpay and Zip, you can buy your heels and pay for them later. You deserve to pamper yourself (and your feet) occasionally, so buy a pair of these shoes now!


Give your block heels some tender loving care!


Heels are a fashion must-have, so you will want to take care of them and wear them for a long time.


The staff at Spendless Shoes has put together the following tips to help you make your shoes last longer:


  • Always keep your footwear spotless. Do not let dirt and filth stay on your shoes. When you get home, clean them right away before storing them.
  • Use stoppers and grips to protect the tips of your heels from damage. They keep your shoes from scratching the concrete or rubbing against pebbles and cracks.
  • Store your shoes properly. You should buy a shoe closet if your budget allows it. Shoe bags and racks take up less space and are less expensive alternatives.


Go and grab a pair now!


With all we've said, are you convinced that these shoes won't hurt your feet and break your bank balance? Hopefully, yes! Head to the Spendless Shoes online store or the retailer nearest you.


Saving yourself (and your feet) from pain is an act of self-love and is healthy, as you prevent long-term effects from happening!