Block Heels That Will Reinvent Your Wardrobe!

Do you feel like your wardrobe needs a refresh? If you are nodding your head yes, you are in the right place. We have the ultimate set of shoes that every girl needs at least one pair of in her life. That’s right; we are talking about block heel shoes. You will instantly fall in love with this range of footwear. 


A pair of block heels can level up your wardrobe like no other shoe can. These kicks are stylish, comfortable, and wearable for every occasion. Your wardrobe will get a facelift it did not know it needed once a pair of block heels make their way there. So if you get stuck on where to start, do not fear. 


The team here at Spendless Shoes shop have gathered a range of block heels that we know you will love. So take a look below and get ready to reinvent your wardrobe! 


Style 1 – Bright


Get ready to spice up your wardrobe with our bright coloured block heels. These bad boys are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe! You will love what a pop of colour can do for your wardrobe. There is nothing better than rocking these stylish block heels with your next look. 


The best thing about bright coloured block heels is that you can wear them with every outfit. So whether it is an all-black look or a multi-coloured design, you can trust that your bright block heels will match perfectly! 


Bright block heels will give your wardrobe a boost of style instantly. The best thing about this shoe design is that you can wear them throughout every season of the year. So whether it is the middle of summer or a night out in winter, you can trust that your bright block heels will be the statement piece you never knew you needed. 


Style 2 – Pastel


Check out our range of pastel-coloured block heels! You will love what these pumps can do for your next look. There is no better feeling than the one you get when wearing pastel coloured block heels on your feet. These shoes offer a dainty and simplistic design, perfect for your day in the office or weekend activities. 


You will find that a pair of pastel coloured block heels can ensure you look flawless from head to toe all day long. These are the ultimate set of shoes that every girl needs in her life. We recommend wearing these pumps during the warmer months of the year. You can benefit from these pumps and take your look to the next level with ease. 


Pastel coloured block heels will easily blend into your floral or all-white outfits. These block heels are too hard to resist! 


Style 3 – Jewelled


Add some bling to your wardrobe this season with our jewelled block heels! You will love how comfortable and stylish these pumps can look and feel on your feet. There is nothing better than strutting your stuff all day and night with jewelled block heels by your side. 


We can never say no to a pair of these gorgeous shoes. If you want to add something fun and unique to your next look, our range of jewelled block heels will tick all the right boxes. You can wear these pumps from morning until night without hesitation. These are the perfect pumps that every girl needs in her life. 


You will find the jewelled block heels with gold chains, glitter, or tassels scattered around the footwear. You will stand out from the crowd with ease in a pair of jewelled block heels. Get them from our brand store at a very affordable price. Fill your shopping bag within our


Style 4 – Clear


It is time to invest in a pair of clear block heels! You will love how comfortable and stylish these pumps can look and feel on your feet. You will never want to wear any other shoes ever again. 


Clear block heels are taking centre stage in the fashion world, and we could not be any more obsessed. You will find that clear block heels can blend in easily with a wide range of outfits. So if you have a bright and glamorous outfit in mind, then a pair of clear block heels will be perfect


Your outfit can be the star of the show whilst your clear block heels blend into the background. Do not worry! You will still look flawless from head to toe with these pumps by your side. Why not invest in REGINA this season? The compliments will come in from left, right, and centre! 


Style 5 – Strappy


Treat yourself to a new pair of strappy block heels this season, and watch how quickly you fall in love with these pumps. You can never get enough of these pumps in your life. 


Strappy block heels are perfect to wear when you show some skin and make all eyes turn to you. We know you will look fabulous in a pair of strappy block heels throughout the year. These are the shoes you need more than one pair of in your life. So whether it is a gorgeous summer’s day or a chilly winter night, you can trust your strappy block heels to take you everywhere in style! 




One thing that every girl forgets to do when shopping for a new pair of block heels is to invest in some accessories. You will find that shoe accessories are a must-have in your life. You will never want to part ways with your shoe accessories again. 


We recommend investing in some half gel innersoles for your next pair of block heels. You will find that these shoe accessories can instantly give you a boost of comfort on your feet. The half-gel innersoles feel like a soft cushion under your feet. You can never go wrong with these heel pumps in your life. 


We also recommend getting your hands on some shoe spray. Investing in instant shine spray can become a game-changer for you and your new pair of pumps. These pumps will look super stylish from morning until night. You will never have to worry about painful feet ever again! 


Have you found the ultimate pair of block heels? 


If you love the footwear styles above, that is your sign to invest in some new shoes ASAP! There is no better time than now to treat yourself to a stylish new pair of block heels. Head to the Spendless Shoe website today and press ‘add to cart’ now!