Block Heels Perfect for Every Occasion

We all love footwear that we can wear more than once! It saves us time and money because we guarantee they are suitable for events. But do you know which footwear is perfect for every occasion?


Block heels! 


Spendless Shoes block heels tick all the boxes: they're comfortable, stylish, versatile, and affordable. By owning one, you get your money's worth because it's like having a vast collection without spending so much. 


Standing, dancing, and mingling for hours at a party is not a joke. And with event invitations coming at you left and right, you will be doing these a lot! You'll be grateful to have a pair of Spendless block heels on your feet because they'll keep you from experiencing unnecessary pain and discomfort. 


Here are some reasons why block heels are a godsend: 


  • They can elongate your legs and make you taller without any discomfort
  • The larger surface area on the heel distributes your weight evenly, relieving pressure on your feet and lower back
  • Perfect for outdoor events because the thick heel won't get stuck on sand, soil, or pavement cracks 


If block heel styles are comfortable and provide all the benefits mentioned, wouldn't you think they are perfect for all-day wear? 


We have yet to expound on how stylish and affordable they are because if we did, we'd be talking about them all day! But because we'd like you to get an overview of the different Spendless Shoes block heels perfect for every occasion, we gathered all you need to know. So read on to learn more! 


1. Platform-Heeled Shoes


The platform block heels have been doing the rounds at special events for years. If you're familiar with the style, you've probably seen an old photo of your mother wearing it when she was younger. 


Platforms are the best if you're looking for block heels to take you through different events and occasions without looking underdressed! These shoes provide extra padding and support to help you get through long hours of standing, walking, dancing, and partying!


These block heels may look intimidating because of their height, but remember that they only raise the front foot. This prevents your feet from being angled at an uncomfortable, sharp decline. 


Platform block heels are fabulous for any event because they can take your outfit to the next level and instantly prepare you for a party. A styling tip would be to match platforms with a pair of a pant suit, or jeans and a collared top for a preppy twist.


2. Strappy Block Heel


Strappy block heels are perfect for every occasion, and you do not want to experience a Cinderella moment. What do we mean by that?


The Cinderella moment is when you accidentally leave a glass slipper behind and go home with only one shoe. With ankle straps that hold your block heels in place, you will never have that problem! 


With strappy shoes from Spendless, you will get the best of both worlds: a broad and thick heel that provides utmost comfort and ankle straps that keep them in place. These are so comfortable and affordable that they will become your favourites soon! So you can walk, dance, mingle, and socialise at each event without worrying. 


Some styling tips for strappy shoes are to match them with skirts and shorts for casual and relaxed brunches. However, formal events will require long and short formal dresses, even gowns, and we assure you, these strappy numbers will still get you through. 


Is a wedding on the horizon for you?


Strappy heels will highlight your beautiful feet as you mingle with other wedding guests. And, as we said, the broad, thick heel will save you from getting stuck in outdoor venues with soil, sand, or pavement cracks. 


3. Enclosed Toes  


Are you shy about exposing your whole feet, particularly your toes, all the time? 


If yes, enclosed toes are for you. By wearing this, you need not worry about setting an appointment for a pedicure. More importantly, covering your toes with these would protect them from getting stubbed by pebbles or other natural elements. 


We hate the painful feeling of our toes hitting table corners or walls. But with enclosed toes, you have to think about the risk of squeezing your toes together, especially if they are pointy.


On which occasion are you planning to wear these shoes?


A styling tip for clubbing after parties is a pair of jeans or miniskirts with cute tops. For a formal event, imagine wearing these with an elegant party dress! 


And because these shoes are versatile, you can wear them from breakfast until after dinner, and you will never look out of place! 


Again, these are perfect for every occasion! 


4. Pumps 


Not a fan of exposing your feet in any way? 


Then pumps are for you because the cut-out top only exposes the top of the foot. In addition, these shoes have closed counters starting at the toe box and no fastening. 


Notably, these vary from pointed to rounded toes and have different heights. We suggest choosing a pair with round toes because pointed ones can squeeze your toes together and cause pain.


The Spendless brand of pumps has an easy slip-on fit and provides long-lasting comfort you can enjoy all night. The versatile style makes them suitable for work too!


Get the Best Shoes for Every Occasion! 


The best way to enjoy every event is when you don't have to worry about pain! Take easy steps with a huge range of block-heeled shoes from Spendless Shoes. We promise you'll be at ease, fashionable, adaptable, and at an unbeatable price! Take a clutch bag to the checkout!


Available colours include brown, gold, tan, nude, yellow, pink, etc.


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