Block Heels Ideal for a Night on the Town!

What’s your ideal way to spend an evening on the town? Does it involve eating at fancy restaurants? Or do you prefer dancing and drinking all night?


Since these activities demand hours of being on your feet, you need shoes to remain cosy and pain-free. And we have what you need – the Spendless collection of excellent block heels.


This block-heeled shoe collection will ensure you have the best time and make you stand out from the crowd. Be the dance floor star when you don a pair and boogie all night. Impress your date while fine dining with a stunning pair of women's block heels.


Discover all that you can about these excellent shoes with the help of the team at Spendless. The brand has provided block heeled shoes for years and knows its ins and outs. Learn why these shoes are ideal for an evening on the town, the colours, and the styles available. If you’re ready, let’s do it!


Why Every Woman Must Have These Shoes in the Closet


If this is your first time encountering block heels, you’ll be glad you did. It’s time to prioritise your comfort while still looking your best. These provide you with both, eliminating the need to choose one over the other. 


If you love spending an evening on the town, you’ll love the endless possibilities this shoe brings—from elevating your look and boosting your confidence to ensuring you enjoy the evening comfortably. Do you still need convincing?


Here are the reasons they are essential:


  • Comfort


Uncomfortable footwear can quickly ruin your evening, but you’re safe with block heel shoes. These all-day wear shoes spread your weight evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back.


  • Versatile


You can spend the evening on the town in various ways without spending too much. Choosing the right pair will enable you to dress up or down, depending on what the situation calls for.


  • Safer


One of the major fears that ladies have is tripping and falling on their faces in front of everyone. This fear came about from wearing narrow stilettos, which alters the wearer’s centre of gravity, affecting their balance. But you can wash away all those worries thanks to the broad, thick block heel that offers more stability. These will help you navigate uneven sidewalks, dance floors, or crowded venues. 


  • Fashionable


As mentioned, block heels are a fusion of fashion and function. A woman who knows she looks good radiates. Her self-confidence will skyrocket and make everyone, even strangers, notice. Whether you use block heels as the neutraliser of bold prints or the accent piece of a monochrome look, they will make you look good effortlessly.


  • Better Posture


We mentioned earlier how stilettos affect your balance, which forces your body to hunch and adjust. And while stilettos look good, bad posture does not. Why risk leaving a wrong impression when you can have heels that encourage you to have better posture? 


The larger surface area of the heel provides the stability needed when in contact with the ground.


Why You Need Spendless Shoes


While block heels are rampant, and various brands have them, the collection at Spendless will blow your mind away. Spendless knows what the ladies want and need and does its best to provide them. Take a look at the available designs and styles. Decide which ones are suitable for last-minute invitations that require you to transition from the office to an evening event. 




The block heels at Spendless come in twelve gorgeous colours: black, brown, clear, gold, green, natural (nude), pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. These contribute to achieving the look you want when you go out. 


For instance, black adds a classic touch to your clothes, whether you’re wearing a little black dress or jeans. Brown adds a warm, earthy tone to your look, especially if you want a casual or boho-chic look.


Block heels that are clear or transparent make you look modern without being over the top. Use this colour to neutralise bold and colourful outfits. Gold and silver are ideal to wear with a suit for more formal occasions, as these add a touch of glam to your vibe.


Meanwhile, pink and purple are playful shades that add fun to your outfit. But if you want legs that look longer, go for nude or natural-coloured block heels. Since this colour is like your skin tone, it creates a seamless look that elongates your legs.




Spendless has several styles that will complement your look for a night on the town. And since we’re helping you narrow down the choices, here are some recommendations. Consider the block heels that fit your style the most.


If the occasion calls for something fancier, Madison is a must. These stunning block heels have three elegant straps with sparkling diamantes. Although ladies might have issues with the 9cm height, there’s nothing to worry about because the block heels will keep you comfy while elevated. Wear Madison with a form-fitting black dress and wow the people around you.


If you’re going dancing, you need block heels that won’t come flying off when your partner dips and twirls you around. As such, you must wear Mansion! These statement block heels have a platform sole to keep your feet level and comfortable while dancing. 


The crossover toe and wraparound ankle straps add a sexy silhouette to your leg and keep them secured in place. These block heels use vegan-friendly materials that ensure the footwear can withstand whatever you put them through.


You can get cold when watching a movie in theatres, so you must wear Virgo on this outing. Virgo is a pair of platform loafers with comfortable block heels. Wear these with jeans and a long-sleeved top to remain cosy while watching the latest hit movie.


Spend the Night on the Town with Spendless Block Heel Shoes!


Create lasting memories with Spendless block heels. We have a wide range of styles to suit every woman. Remember your fun and comfortable times happily because you loved not feeling any discomfort. Add a matching clutch to complete your look.


Head to the nearest Spendless store or shop online!