Block Heels Are the Way Forward!

If you were to ask us which among the Spendless shoes that add height you should get, we’d choose block heels because they are the way forward! 


When you have this footwear style in your wardrobe rotation, you get more than you paid for, as they are comfortable, versatile, stylish, and affordable.


These four characteristics will see you through several different occasions, and you’ll likely get your investment back within a month. Have you seen the available block heels at Spendless?


If yes, you know what we’re talking about, but if not, you’re missing out on a lot. Unfortunately, you cannot often find high heels that tick all the boxes. 


When you can own a pair of block heels that provide you with all you need—height, style, colour, and comfort—wouldn't you grab the chance to get one? Our team at Spendless Shoes will give you a rundown of several reasons why block heels are your way forward.


1. Size


How critical is getting the correct size when buying block heels?


We’d say they are one of the most essential. Wearing block heels in the wrong size can cause pain and discomfort that can even lead to health problems.


Refrain from forcing your feet into ill-fitting footwear to get the style you want. For example, wearing block heels that do not fit properly affects your feet and other body parts, like the neck, back, and knees. 


Lucky for you, Spendless Shoes has sizes available for all the gorgeous styles on display.


Spendless block heels come in a wide range of sizes, including 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. 


When buying shoes, never assume that a size in one brand is the same as another. Instead, you should find your accurate size specifically for Spendless by checking out the handy size guide.


2. Colour


Nowadays, people are becoming more adventurous with the colour of their block heels, as they should. Colour is one way to add life to your wardrobe, especially if you need something new to spice things up.


Fashion is ever-evolving, and while some are afraid to experiment with colour, others have become more daring with their block heels. Which one are you?


The colours available are black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. Among the fourteen colours of block heels at Spendless Shoes, which one would you add to your shoe closet?


While the safest answer to our question would be a pair of black block heels, please allow us to suggest a few other colours to help you search for a way forwards. For example, have you ever considered adding tan shoes to your collection?


Tan has an instant slimming effect that, combined with how block heels elongate and make your legs look toned, can be the best combination for you. Match it with a pair of denim miniskirts or shorts, and you’ll turn many heads in no time.


It’s good to have a pair of block heels with a colour you would not usually choose because, when things get boring or repetitive, you can always spice things up with uniquely coloured shoes. Having said this, why not get a couple of purple shoes from Spendless?


Purple is often associated with luxury, so wearing block heels in this colour will make you stand out in any crowd. No need to overhaul your clothes because they look great with many blacks, whites, pinks, and prints such as florals for the ultimate feminine look.


They say people who wear green block heels or shoes are social but prefer peace at all costs. If purple is not your thing, perhaps green will do the trick. 


The best colours to mix with your green shoes are black, pink, white, and beige. By choosing to go green, you show the world another side of you, and we bet they would love that. And you will love the available green block heels at Spendless!


3. Styles 


Block heels are the way forward because they have revolutionised the way women view wearing high heels. Admittedly, ladies used to shy away from wearing high heels because they were uncomfortable and sometimes painful. 


However, all that changed once they got to put them on and experienced the comfort block heels bring. Hopefully, you get to join them and be one who cannot live without these shoes.


Block heels are the best to have, especially if you get them from Spendless, because the brand’s available styles are worth mentioning. Whether high or low, these shoes can offer you what you need.


We highly recommend choosing the strappy block heels, which look sexy and intriguing while wrapping around your feet and lower legs. Even better if you choose the ones with ankle straps for added security as you move around and have fun.


Slide block heels with the platform in front level your feet and are even more comfortable. They would look good with summer dresses that go above your knees. 


Add some accessories, like sunglasses and big earrings, when the event is an outdoor backyard barbeque.


Not a fan of showing your toes? You can opt for styles with enclosed toes. 


These block heels are ideal for the workplace and date nights. But make sure your toes have enough room to spread out naturally. Squeezing your toes can hurt and lead to blisters and other foot injuries.


Elevate Your Shoe Closet With Spendless Block Heel Shoes!


Who says you can never be comfortable in high shoes? Choosing a pair of block heels is the best decision you can make. These versatile shoes are the best way to elevate your wardrobe. 


Whether low or high, these shoes can provide you with the comfort, versatility, stability, style, and affordability you want in a pair of footwear. Head to the Spendless online store or the nearest retailer to get yours now!


Need a style boost? Spendless has a vast selection of women's block heels! There are plenty of styles, brands, and designs for any occasion. You'll find the right heels for your all-day wear to the office or a night out with friends, from open-toe to block heels with straps. With affordable prices, you can put your best foot forward.