Block Heels Are a Staple at Spendless

Everyone should consider making block heels a staple in their closets, not just at Spendless. These shoes provide more stability and less pressure on your foot thanks to their ability to distribute weight evenly across the footwear.


Because of the broad block heels, ladies enjoy the added height without the strain or instability that comes with stilettos. Those thin, narrow shoes know how to cause unnecessary pain, which turned several women off from wearing heeled shoes.


Thankfully, block heels came and fixed the problem. It would help if you had this footwear in your wardrobe for several reasons, and the Spendless team is here to explain them to you. 


There's a reason why block heels are a staple at Spendless, and that is because of the strong clamour. Women know these shoes are a lifesaver, so you should consider adding one to yours, too! If you're ready, let's start! 




The most significant thing women look out for when buying shoes is comfort. Why invest in footwear that will cause pain to your feet and wallet when there are block heels to keep you cosy?


In contrast to stilettos, which force all your body weight onto a single spot—the balls of your feet—block heels spread the load. You won't be afraid of enduring painful hours because you won't notice the staggering height the entire time you use them.


More importantly, you will not lose your balance and topple face-first during a special occasion because they are stable. 


While you will still need a bit of practice when wearing them, it won't be as gruesome as when you wobble and balance on narrow shoes.


Trans-seasonal fashion 


Trans-seasonal fashion refers to items of clothing or footwear that you can wear across the seasons. Things, including block heels, can help you transition between warmer and cooler weather without changing your wardrobe.


Not all footwear is trans-seasonal. You can't wear specific footwear during the winter because it doesn't have enough grip and stability to prevent you from slipping and falling. 


Stay with block heels; these are stable and keep you steady and grounded. Winter boots use block heels when the goal is to add height while providing warmth and coverage.


On warmer days, you can use open-toed footwear. Most heeled sandals use these thick and broad ones for stability. They are perfect for outdoor events because they won't get stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks. 




Block heels are appropriate for all occasions. Most boss ladies use this footwear when they need more height and confidence. 


These will allow you to accomplish your tasks hassle-free because the footwear will keep you comfortable while you do your presentations and rush to meetings.


You can head off to unwind at dinner and drink with close friends after work. There's no need to change into flats because these are comfy from day to night.


Weekends are no exception because you can still wear the same shoes for formal occasions and special indoor or outdoor gatherings. You can live with it and still look stylish and feel comfy.


Varied colour choices 


The collection of block heels at Spendless comes in twelve gorgeous colours: black, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. The brand has most, if not all, of the standard colours that women love wearing.


As expected, most would add them to their closet because it's the most versatile shade. You won't be afraid of clashing because they work well with all others.


However, if you want something different to spice up your wardrobe, it's time to add some vibrant colours to the mix. Pink, purple, and gold are excellent, especially if you're searching for an accent piece or pop of colour to add to your vibe.


Different height options


The incredible thing about block heels is that they can go low or high. Unlike some styles that are one or the other, these shoes can be both. 


So, whether you like people to look up at your staggering height or be much closer to the ground, you can remain comfy either way.


Block heels can go low, around 2.5–5.5 cm, and provide the slight elevation some ladies need.


For black-tie events that explicitly expect guests to wear shoes with heights taller than 7.5cm, a surefire way to remain comfortable while meeting the dress code requirements is to wear heels.


Spendless ensures the brand can provide for everyone's varied needs and wants.


Updated styles 


Shopping for block heels at Spendless means you get access to the latest styles and designs available.


Whether you're looking for closed or open toes, pumps, platforms, or strappy shoes, Spendless has the kinds you need. And the best thing about shopping at the brand is its affordability.


Who says you must pay steep prices to get quality block heels?


At Spendless, your feet and wallet will love you deeply. Both agree that whichever pair you get will benefit everyone. You can take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in installments later.


You have the option to shop at your convenience by doing it online. You can browse the block heel collection whenever or wherever you please, even at midnight.


Watch out for sales and discount vouchers, which will make this footwear more affordable than it already is.


If you need style suggestions, check out Quinn, Regina, and Candy; these deserve a spot in your closet.


Now, Time to Check Out the Block Heel Shoes Stock! 


We provide a variety of styles to suit work or play. Increased stability and support from the larger surface area on the heel make these pairs ideal for all-day wear without causing pain or discomfort.


What are you waiting for? Shop for women's block heels at Spendless to discover why this footwear is a staple. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab them now!