A School Shoe Experience They’ll Actually Enjoy!

Do your children tend to dislike kids’ school shoes? It’s a tough issue for parents to solve; after all, you aren’t the ones who decide on the rules in the dress code. And, unfortunately, you can only be so selective about the type of kids’ school shoes you buy when the uniform regulations are so limiting. Luckily, Spendless has a few handy ways to help you and your children enjoy the experience of shopping for, buying, and (finally) wearing a new style. We’ve been pairing up students with their ideal kids’ school shoes for over thirty years now, so we know what we’re talking about! Shall we begin?


All of our designs offer an adjustable and cosy fit! 

Your children won’t have to worry about sore feet with a pair from Spendless! Here at Spendless, our kids’ school shoes come in a few different versions, which mainly get based off of age. We have touch-fastening, lace-up, and buckle-up footwear. Kids’ school shoes with touch-fastening straps are for younger children, as they are easy for children to stick down and secure independently. Bucked styles are a mediator and come on footwear for younger and older students. Lace-up kids’ school shoes are the most prevalent at Spendless, and these are typically for preteens and teenagers. But, no matter which end of the age spectrum your child is currently sitting, they will be able to alter their footwear for the perfect fit. Laces, buckles, and touch-fastening straps all facilitate loosening or tightening for the best comfort, so kids’ school shoes are guaranteed to fit like a dream! 


Does your child want vegan-friendly footwear? 

Vegan-friendly kids’ school shoes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and they aren’t too tricky to track down either! Spendless has an excellent array of synthetic styles waiting for you and your little ones this season. Our vegan-friendly kids’ school shoes are practically identical to leather ones, which means there’s no way they won’t be allowed in the classroom. And, if your child feels strongly about the type of material that they wear, then these ethically-sourced styles will put a smile on their face! 


Get your child some colourful kids’ school shoes! 

If your children love vibrant sneakers and trainers, then use these as kids’ school shoes! Our trendy and colourful sporty styles are as comfortable and supportive as our all-black and all-white designs. As long as the dress code is flexible about the shade of sneakers and kids’ school shoes, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t treat your little ones to a pair. Add the fun back into your child’s collection, and they’re sure to enjoy PE classes and playtime more! 


We’ll ensure that you can stick to your shopping budget! 

When you shop for kids’ school shoes at Spendless, you can always get the best value for money. Our low starting prices are there to help parents save their cash for the other expenses coming in the pre-semester period. You can buy two or three pairs of our kids’ school shoes for under $100. That’s one more way that Spendless helps parents cut expenses without making them compromising on quality. 


Do you hate going into a store to buy kids’ school shoes?

Shopping centres get pretty crowded during pre-semester sale periods, and that can make getting kids’ school shoes particularly laborious for parents and children alike. Shopping in-store can be overwhelming and unpleasant for young children, which is why we recommend shopping online instead! Parents who shop for kids’ school shoes through Spendless’ online store can do it when and where they want. Invite your child to have the final pick, then send through your order. It will be a fast and hassle-free experience for the whole family!