5 Ways to Rock a Block Heel this Spring

Hello Spring and goodbye Winter! It is that time of year where the flowers start blooming, and the bees start buzzing. We all know that Spring is the perfect time of year (unless you have hay fever – we feel for you!).


Spring weather brings out the best in everyone, which means that nice and warm nights and beautiful sunny days are on the cards for all of us. Warm weather also means that the winter jumpers will get ditched, and the flowy skirts will make a reappearance.


We hope you are as excited as we are that you can now flaunt those legs (and feet) of yours and feel the warm, Spring breeze all day long. If you are stuck in a winter rut, we are here to bring you out of it. Not only does the Spring fashion change when we transition from winter, but our style of casual shoes changes too.


We have gathered five ways to rock a block heel during spring so you can flaunt your latest block heel with ease to complete your look. Scroll down below to find out more!


Super Cute Mini Dresses With Block Heels!


One outfit that pairs perfectly with block heels is the classic mini dress to add more heel height. This dress can get worn all year round; however, it makes its mark during the spring. Mini dresses are the perfect go-to dress for a warm day for outdoor play as it offers plenty of breathability and comfort without sticking to your body.


Spring weather can fluctuate with cold and windy days, so a mini dress and a cropped denim jacket are super cute. We can’t forget the pair of block heels that will complete your look to the next level. If you were thinking block heels, then you guessed correctly.


Block heels are the ultimate style of casual shoes to pair with this springtime look. These block heels accentuate your fashion taste, complete your look and complement your outfit as your everyday essentials without being too overpowering.


These block heels can give you the option to flaunt your glowing legs as well, so you will have a few things to show off this spring season.


Block heels are an effortless style of casual shoes to throw on and off, so if you are spending the day out and about by the beach or at the park, you can easily kick your heel shoes off and let the sand (or grass) tickle your feet. Mini dresses, cross body bags, and block heels will be a spring go-to this season.


  • Maxi Dresses To Make Your Block Heels Pop!



 If you are looking for a gorgeous outfit to pair with some block heels, look no further. It is no secret that the maxi dress and cross body bags is a go-to look for many women, but styling it with a pair of block heels, now that is a game-changer.


Maxi dresses are (as the name suggests) a long style of dress, so your feet are covered by the material most of the time.


Due to this, many girls choose to wear flat shoes or heel sandal with this type of look because no one will notice your casual shoes.  However, if you love to give yourself a mini heel height boost, pairing this dress with some block heels dress shoes like platform heels, perspex heel, strappy heeled, and toe heels that will send your look over the edge.


This outfit is perfect for an event on a warm, spring afternoon where the dress code is a little more formal than usual. Adding block heels to your maxi dress will turn it up a notch so you can look classy and stylish with added heel height throughout the day with your evening shoes.


In addition, it is an easy outfit to replicate when unsure about what evening shoes and dress shoes to wear for specific events like weddings, including after-work drinks or family dinner outings. No matter the occasion, this combination will have you feeling your very best this spring.



  •  Flowy And Floral Skirts Pair Perfectly With Block Heels!



Have you got your floral and flowy skirts ready? If not, now is the time to do so. These styles of skirts are perfect for the spring weather.


Flowy and floral skirts can bring out all of the good vibes. They make you feel carefree and youthful, which is every woman’s dream. So unleash your inner child and throw on your best-looking floral and flowy skirt.


Pair these with a set of block heels and dress shoes like platform heels, perspex heel, strappy heeled, and toe heels to add more heel height, and voila, your spring get-up will flawlessly complete your look. Floral skirts are perfect for spring weather as they can inspire others to rock the same look.


They are usually bright, colourful, and full of spring-like patterns such as flowers and trees, which are always super cute to see. So make the most of your spring attire this season and flaunt your best floral skirts.


Flowy skirts are also a gorgeous style to wear with a set of block heels and dress shoes like platform heels, perspex heel, strappy heeled, and toe heels. 


The extra heel height boost will give you the confidence you did not know you needed to flaunt your super cute flowy skirt. Twirl around all day long in this look!



  •  Wide-Leg Pants!



Everyone knows that spring is the season where the weather can sporadically become unpredictable. From sunshine and blue skies to grey clouds and heavy winds, it can be hard to know what the weather can do for the day ahead.


When this type of weather is expected, but there is still a warm breeze lingering, make sure you throw on a pair of wide-leg pants and sweat tops.


This style of pants offers plenty of breathability without losing the touch of fashion and style. These pants look best with block heel and heel shoes like platform heels, perspex heel, strappy heeled, and toe heels, so you can rock that look even if there is rain, hail, or shine.



  •  Jeans And A Cute Top!



Every female can relate to this phrase when responding to a question about what outfit they plan on wearing. A pair of jeans and a cute top is the go-to response for all of us girls, but it does work a treat. This will complete your look and offers versatility for just about any occasion.


Dress this style up for a date night with the hubby or a cocktail night with the girls. Block heels will turn this look around for any formal occasion and complete your look to the next level. If you need to style it down but still want to look as fabulous as ever, change up the design of the sweat tops you choose to wear. Jeans and block heels will always look cute together, no matter how formal or casual the setting is.


Spring is the perfect time to rock what you have got, so make the most of it by wearing your block heels to every occasion. You will have compliments coming in left, right, and center!


Ready To Get That Spring In Your Step?


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