5 Ways To Make Women’s Flats Look As Sophisticated As Heels

Do you want your flat shoes to look as sophisticated as your favourite toe heels? 


By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll feel confident enough to trade your dress shoes for the flatform sandals and slides at Spendless Shoes! Here are five of the best ways to make your womens shoes feel glamourous!



  • Pick Something With An Interesting Texture!



We mean no disrespect to classic leather-look party shoes, just to be precise! However, a pair of faux leather shoes is always a safe pick for formal settings, especially if you’re wearing an outfit with a bold print, standout details or designer dresses. 


However, if you’re looking for a women’s black flat that can boost your style and make your outfits more exciting, we highly recommend picking something that has a texture to it. Faux suede is as timeless as synthetic leather (since we do ethical sourcing our products), but it’s sure to bring a more exciting flavour to your outfit.


This soft and fluffy finish will give conventional leather shoes an instant boost and draw more attention to your footwear. But, of course, we should also mention that many of our faux suede shoes for women have a more flexible fit!


This women’s casual shoe will treat your feet to a more malleable fit, which means long-lasting comfort is guaranteed! How great is that? Linen flats online should also be on your radar in 2021!


This standout material is sure to be a fast favourite for you, so keep an eye out for the ballet flats versions in our collection. One of the best-loved womens shoes in our range at the moment is a linen look with a single top band and an oversized bow on top, so have a look!



  • Grab Women’s Flats With Glamorous Features Or Décor!



This is an easy tip to follow when browsing through the Spendless collection so that we won’t spend too much time on the specifics! Still, we’re happy to offer up some inspiration to get you started!


You can’t go wrong with womens new arrivals that have metallic material or straps with diamantes. Glossy material and glittering straps immediately set sandals and slides apart from everyday shoes, and they’re always an instant match with formal outfits and accessories.


Beyond that, we recommend looking out for block heels designs with pretty laser cut-outs or pin-punched finishes, as well as anything with braided detailing!



  • Make Sure That You Coordinate Your Outfit To Perfection!



If you want your leather flats to look more stylish with your outfit, then you’ll need to pay attention to what you’re pairing together! The rule of thumb with coordinating shoes is to create links between your clothing or accessories and pick if heel shoes or non-heeled shoes will complement them.


Colour is a crucial aspect! You can use bright or colourful low heeled shoes to embolden a plainer outfit or use a block-coloured pair to pull off clothes with an eye-catching print. So, put a little more thought into which styles you match together in 2021!


Here at Spendless Shoes, we have a whole collection of accessories available that you can pair up with a new set of school shoes or any outfit. Earrings in the same colour or features as your sandals or wedding shoes and office wear of choice are always a great option.


If you prefer accessories with more practical uses, then you also have the option to pick one of our clutches or pretty hair accessories like our scrunchies and clips.


Picking a Spendless accessory to match your flats or heeled loafer will be super easy and offer a subtle link between your footwear and the rest of your look. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how effective it can be to coordinate your look this way!



  • Look For Inspiration From Your Favourite Heels!



Did you know that many of the best-loved sport shoes, flats and block heels at Spendless Shoes share many similarities? If you’re a regular shopper with us, you’ll probably notice that there are dozens of styles with twins in different sections of our online store.


Why are there so many similarities between our flats and heels, you may be wondering?


Well, for starters, whenever we update our range of women's and mens new arrivals with the trendiest fashion features of the season, we make sure that all of our categories get the same amount of love! So, for instance, when we saw that crocodile texture was coming in hot for 2021, we added that signature scaly texture to styles across our store.


So, you’ll see everything from women’s flats to tall block-heeled boots and block heels with faux crocodile skin this season. As such, finding a version of your favourite black combo heels in our range of slides or sandals should be easy!


Thanks to our trendy wide fit flats, you can enjoy the style you love without dealing with the black leather heels!



  • Pick Out Platform Women’s Flats That Can Elevate Your Height!



Why do most ladies pick heels for parties and formal events instead of women’s flats? For one thing, stilettos and block heels can make your legs look longer and more defined; this appeals to many people.


However, one of the key reasons to choose heeled ankle boots over women’s flats is to elevate your height. If you’ve worn heels before, you’ll know that even a few extra centimetres can make you feel bolder and more confident in a matter of seconds.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get that confidence boost without having to deal with tall heels?


Well, Spendless Shoes has the perfect compromise for you: platform women’s flats! These gorgeous styles are going to be a new favourite for you this season, we promise you!


If you’ve got a party or some other special event marked in your 2021 calendar, then you’re going to want to take note of our flatforms!


These women’s dress shoes have platform bases that will keep you standing shoulder-to-shoulder with ladies in heels, but you’ll get to enjoy the ease of wear from the comfy soles! We have slide-on, buckled, and lace-up versions for you to see right now, so pick ones that suit your aesthetic!


Are you ready to start looking for fabulous women’s flats?


Spendless Shoes has the pair of your dreams, and they’re only a few clicks away!