5 Ways Casual Shoes Can Reinvent Your 2021 Wardrobe!

Spendless have the perfect women's casual shoes to add to your shoe-drobe to reinvent your wardrobe for 2021 and give your everyday looks a little oomph! 


How can you make women's casual shoes look dressy enough for those events when high heels are just too dressy? Yes, we know the feeling, sometimes your high heels are only too formal for some events, but your flats or sandals just won't cut it. At Spendless, we have the solution for you! 


We're here to show you how relaxed footwear staples can reinvent your wardrobe and completely transform your look from drag to chic, without the uncomfortable high heels. Stay comfortable and trendy in Spendless' women's casual shoes, stick around and we'll show you some great options to give you a fantastic new look for 2021!

1. Low Heels


For those events where your flats just won't cut it, but your high heels are slightly too dressy, we've got the perfect solution for you, low heels! Slip into a pair of low heels to dress up and complete your outfit without actually having to dress up completely. Ditch those high heels and opt for a couple of low heels. 


Through the warmer months, your feet will love you for it, keep your feet feeling airy and cool all day long. Low heels make great women's casual shoes, the low heel gives off an instant relaxed style, but will keep you feeling great in a pair of heels. 


You will be sure to find the perfect low heels for whatever the occasion in a slip-on or strappy style. Our low heels come in a range of shapes like kitten styles, block styles, or cake stand heel styles. You won't go wrong with a chunky block heel style paired with jeans, wide-leg pants, skirts or dresses. 


These are the perfect accessory to finish your outfit for summer, autumn, and spring. The versatility of these women's casual shoes will keep your attire looking great year-round.


Although these are a great footwear option for your weekend looks, don't be afraid to dive in and pair low heels with your evening wear. These are great heels to pair with a little black dress. They will keep you looking elegant as well as keep you completely comfortable all night long, the perfect women's casual shoes! 


Heels In General Just Aren't For You? 


  • Flatforms & Wedges



No problem, we have the perfect alternative just for you, flatforms and wedges. These heels are great to instantly dress up your outfit. Perfect for days out, picnics and everything in between! Flatforms and wedges make great women's casual shoes. 


The wedge heels come in a low heel so you won't be feeling any discomfort like you would from a high heel. Get a slip-on style for relaxed everyday women's casual shoes, its wide band across the front of your foot will keep you walking securely all day long. The platform heel will keep you walking in complete comfort all day rather than the common rock-hard flats. 


Or for something trendy and chic, opt for a sandal design that buckles up around your ankle. These styles look fantastic with your ripped boyfriend jeans and your favourite relaxed tee! This weekend look will keep your outfit looking relaxed, feeling comfortable and trendy all weekend long. 


Get yourself some flatforms or wedges; they are a great trans-seasonal piece that you will find yourself wearing throughout the warmer months. These women's casual shoes will do wonders and transform your look for 2021!


  • Sports Luxe Sneakers



If you are looking for something relaxed and stylish, then you can't go past a pair of sports luxe sneakers! Lifestyle sneakers are a red-hot trend right now; it is a must-have for any wardrobe!


A crisp white pair of sneakers is the perfect women's casual shoes; it is a footwear staple that you will find yourself wearing all weekend long. Pair them with almost anything in your wardrobe; denim cut-offs, midi skirts and dresses, jeans, wide-leg pants, and the list goes on. 


Trust us when we say these are must-have women's casual shoes! 


With sportswear crossing over into your fashion wardrobe lately, sports luxe sneakers are a practical and chic way to style your off-duty wardrobe effortlessly. At Spendless the styles in our sports-luxe sneakers vary in colour, prints, lace-up styles, heel heights and styles, and sneaker heights including low and high-top designs that will give you more of an edgy look.

Find your favourite sports-luxe sneakers that you will find yourself wearing every weekend! 


  • Slip-On Sneakers



Lace-up sneakers aren't for everyone, so we also have a range of slip-on sneakers for those who prefer a combination of sneakers and flats. Our slip-on sneakers are a great wardrobe staple for those weekends where you find yourself running around after the kids all weekend long. Wear together with your favourite jeans or drop-crotch track pants for a relaxed, chic style. 


These are great weekend women's casual shoes that you can throw on and go. Spendless' range comes in fun pastel colours, blacks and white in a range of different fabrics to suit any outfit. The elastic front gusset makes these women's casual shoes a breeze to slip onto any foot shape, wear them with a pair of invisible socks for ultimate comfort and protection. 


  • Slides 



Slides are the perfect women's casual shoes for the warmer weather, slip into a pair of elegant slides to refresh your summer look. 


Looking to freshen up your summer shoe-drobe for the season? Whatever style you are looking for, Spendless has you covered! We have countless styles and designs with feet hugging straps, single thin or thick straps, crisscross, thong style slides, or chunky pool slides. 


Our slides are flattering on any foot shape and are made with comfort in mind keeping your feet feeling secure throughout the day.


Slides are great women's casual shoes that can be worn with any outfit. As much as you live in your slides all summer long, you will also love them as a trans-seasonal piece into the cooler months when it's still not cool enough to pull your boots out. 

Do yourself a favour and get a pair of low heels, flatforms, wedges, sports luxe sneakers, slip-on sneakers or slides for your weekend wardrobe! Women's casual shoes don't need to be boring, add some comfort and style to your weekend wardrobe, by just changing your footwear, you can reinvent your wardrobe.

Head into Spendless now to get yourself a pair or two of women's casual shoes!