5 Tips For Nailing The Ankle Boots Trend!

Make ankle-high women’s boots work for you this season! These five tips will help you find your way:


  • Decide whether you want women’s boots with heels!


How do you feel about wearing heels? Spendless Shoes has a multitude of different women’s boots for you to choose from, so deciding whether or not you want heels can help narrow down your search significantly. So, shall we discuss the pros and cons? The platforms on our women’s boots are all block heels, which provide excellent balance and stability. If you appreciate styles that can slim down your legs and offer you a height boost, then heels are probably a no-brainer for you! However, flat women’s boots are the best to take outdoors and off to long events, since they guarantee enduring comfort for hours and hours. Our flat designs are as fashionable as our heeled one, so if you’re not fussed about standing taller, then they’re an easy pick!


  • Consider what clothes will work best with them!


Do you know which clothes will pair up well with your dream set of women’s boots? Our shoes come in thigh-high, knee-high, and ankle-high versions, so we’ll go through the best matches for each! Ankle-high women’s boots work well with pretty much everything! Since they are lower cut, they don’t look weird with long pants. Knee-high and calf-high shoes are slightly trickier. If you don’t want to wear them on top of your pants, then you will need to choose cuffed, cut-off, or quarter-length clothing instead, or risk concealing the best features of your women’s boots. Follow that same logic with over-the-knee shoes. Leaving a gap between the end of your skirt, dress, or playsuit and the top of your thigh-high style creates a fun and flirty look (and keep your legs warm too!). 


  • Choose the type of material wisely!


When you shop for women’s boots at Spendless Shoes, you have your pick of materials. Our two leading options are synthetic leather and faux suede. Leather-look women’s boots are must-have outdoors during wet conditions. After all, a bit of mud or water won’t leave lasting marks on the sturdy synthetic material! Faux suede women’s boots offer excellent warmth and feel so soft against your skin. This fuzzy material can give basic winter outfits a style boost effortlessly too, which means it’s the ideal combination of fashion and function! 


  • Figure out which settings and occasions your women’s boots will suit!


We have a mix of casual and formal shoes. Heeled women’s boots are the ideal choice for formal occasions and events, but flats will always be the practical option outdoors or for lengthy outings. Before you add anything to your shopping cart, stop and think about where you want to wear your new pair. Would heels be beneficial or a hindrance? Would flat shoes be the smart choice, or could they make you feel underdressed? Once you have a better idea of what you want from your women’s boots, picking the right pair will be easier. 


  • Don’t be afraid to experiment! 


We might have some ideas about the best ways to wear women’s boots, but it’s ultimately up to you! Try new things and fresh trends, and have fun with your new shoes. After all, at the end of the day, only you will know which of your clothes look good with your women’s boots and which suit your lifestyle. Keep your eyes peeled for our latest and greatest designs, and then give them a go! 


We hope you’ve found this helpful!

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