5 Things to Avoid When Buying Kids’ School Shoes

Parents and guardians prioritise their children’s welfare, especially their learning journey. We agree that finding the right gear to support the student’s performance is crucial, including having the right kids’ school shoes. The pressure of finding the best academic footwear is high, so we understand how stressful it can be. You must remember several features to check, which can be overwhelming. The tendency when this happens is to make mistakes.


But don’t worry because we are here to help! Spendless kids’ school shoes belong to an extensive collection that strikes the perfect balance between comfort, durability, and style to provide for healthy foot development and withstand daily wear and tear. Let’s dive into this article, where we’ll help you avoid the usual pitfalls when shopping for academic footwear. Since we know one mistake can affect your child’s learning experience, we want to ensure you make wise choices. Let’s start!


Mistake 1—Ignoring Proper Fit


We understand that parents and guardians want to get the most out of their purchases, but buying academic shoes in larger sizes is not the way to go. The child’s toes will constantly claw for grip, and they can trip over their feet. Instead, come to Spendless, where the sizes of kids’ school shoes range from 9 to 13 and 1 to 11, so you can find the perfect fit for your child. 


Please leave a 1 cm gap between their longest toe and the footwear for growth spurts. Periodically check if the gap still exists to ensure the child wears the correct size. Replace the footwear immediately when the gap is no longer there. There should not be any point when your child wears tight footwear because it can hurt and cause blisters. It can distract them from their classroom and playground activities. 


Take your child shopping for school shoes one afternoon to get their correct size. Their feet are at their maximum size, so it’s the perfect time to find the right fit.


Mistake 2—Compromising Support for Style


It’s natural for parents and guardians to want their children to look stylish, wearing on-trend kids’ school shoes to the classroom and playground. However, do not forget about function. Academic footwear should provide the necessary support and stability to protect the child’s growing feet. 


Fortunately, shopping for kids’ school shoes at Spendless means you won’t sacrifice one for the other. The brand’s collection includes all the classic and timeless styles children love, such as pull-on boots, Mary Jane, double straps, T-bars, lace-ups, and sneakers, and they all keep your child comfortable and well-supported. These footwear features fastenings for security and adjustability, grooved soles for grip and traction, and rounded shapes for spacious toe boxes.


These components prevent foot fatigue and discomfort, especially for students who spend long hours on their feet. Since your child will have regular and more demanding activities like PE classes and sports, get them two pairs of school shoes—regular ones and sneakers they can change into.


Mistake 3—Neglecting Durability


Students can be rough on their kids’ school shoes with all the running, jumping, and playing on the playground. And that’s not even accounting for the unpredictable weather and sharp natural elements they might encounter on their daily adventure. School shoes without durable materials will give in and break when exposed to these things. 


But worry not—Spendless has your back! The brand understands that durable materials are crucial for the longevity of kids’ school shoes. The collection uses only the best materials, like leather and vegan leather. With these options, you can avoid the hassle of constantly replacing the footwear, saving you time and money.


Spendless understands the importance of protecting the student and is committed to providing academic footwear that doesn’t break at the first sign of duress. Its collection of academic footwear will support your child in all their endeavours.


Mistake 4—Overlooking Breathability or Insulation


We know how active children can be, especially during warm weather when they love running and playing. However, this can lead to sweaty feet and discomfort if we overlook breathability features when shopping for kids’ school shoes. Similarly, cold weather months should not hinder your child from doing what they are used to during the warm months, so insulation is equally essential. 


Spendless kids’ school shoes will save the day! The collection uses leather, which allows air to circulate and keeps their feet fresh on warm days. And when the temperatures drop, the leather school shoes hold heat longer to insulate their feet during autumn and winter. Plus, the open-top designs and laser cut-outs provide more entryways for air to ventilate their feet and keep them comfy all day. Here’s a trick for parents and guardians during the colder months—find thicker socks to keep their little toes nice and warm.


Mistake 5—Excluding Your Child


We discussed the essential features you must not overlook when finding kids’ school shoes ideal for your child’s active lifestyle. But let’s not forget the most important part—your child! We know it’s tempting to leave them behind while you shop to avoid tantrums and tears, but involving them can make all the difference. 


Ask for their opinion, let them try on several pairs of Spendless Kids’ school shoes, and walk around to check their comfort level. When the children have a say in what they wear to school, they become more willing to wear them, reducing the chances of complaints and resistance. For sure, you will have a perfect school shoe fitting! Shop for academic shoes into a fun bonding activity everyone looks forward to. Reward them with an ice cream treat or a movie date for cooperating.


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