5 Stylish Casual Shoes Every Man Should Own

There is a hidden rulebook that everyone seems to know but have never seen a physical copy of when it comes to mens shoes. How do we know what the best pair of kicks to own are? How can we tell if the style of mens footwear is on-trend?


Well, Spendless Shoes has all the answers for you. We have noted the men’s casual shoes that have made their way into the fashion world and made a list of pros and cons. We have discovered some of the top five stylish men’s casual shoes that every guy should own from this list.


A fashionable guy will appreciate the need for a range of mens good-looking and easy-to-wear kicks and sport shoes, so there is something new for every occasion. Check out our list of five must-have men’s casual shoes below!


Style 1 – The woven loafer!


The woven loafer is a style of men’s casual shoes that has made a statement in the fashion world for the past few years. This design of mens footwear offers a unique level of laidback vibes without looking too tacky.


It is the perfect combination of fashionable and chill so that you can wear these bad boys to just about any event. One thing we love about these men’s casual shoes is the fact that they are super-breathable, thanks to the geometric shapes and woven spaces.


These unique features of this men’s casual shoe allow it to stand out from the rest and grab every guy’s attention. The woven loafer is generally seen on guy’s during the warmer months as the mens footwear has a whole range of mens funky and cool cut-outs.


These can still get worn during winter, but we’d recommend wearing them with low, ankle-cut socks and on days where it is not raining (just in case!). The woven loafer is a style of men’s casual shoes that can get worn with the simplest outfit, which is fabulous for a day full of errands and family catchups.


They are an easy type of mens shoes to throw on for the day as they come in either woven lace-up designs or a slide-on design with pull-up tabs for additional support. These mens shoes can enhance any guy’s features, especially when paired with skinny jeans and a loose, linen shirt. It’s a win in our eyes!


Style 2 – The boat shoe!


This style of men’s casual shoes is a must-have for every guy’s wardrobe. For those who love comfort over style, then this one is for you (but they’re super stylish too!). Get the best of both worlds with the casual look of mens footwear – the boat shoe!


Now you might be wondering, why is it called a boat shoe? This style of men’s casual shoes is similar to the general boat mens footwear, which features flat soles, easy to wear, and super comfortable features. Taking this into an everyday mens footwear look is why the boat style is so popular. These kicks or sport shoes are a definite must-have in every guy’s shoe collection; so, let us tell you why.


This style of men’s casual shoes is perfect to wear on an everyday basis, or it can get dressed up to suit a special event. In summer, this style of mens footwear pairs well with chino shorts and a button-up shirt. This look offers chill yet neat-dressy vibes.


If you are wearing these during the cooler months of the year, find a pair of long chino pants or loose jeans paired with a t-shirt, mens accessories and denim jacket or a coat with a long-sleeve jumper. The options are endless when wearing these men’s casual shoes, but we love every outfit option.


Generally, these feature a mesh detailing around the outer material, woven lace looped through the sides and made with a flexible sole for maximum comfort. Find everything you’re looking for in these men’s casual shoes!


Style 3 – High top trainers!


For guys seeking ultimate comfort, you will be able to find it in a pair of high-top trainers. These men’s casual shoes are the OG of all sneakers, so if you don’t already own a pair of these kicks and sport shoes, now is the time to stock up.


High-top trainers are a great, all-rounder style of mens footwear that works well for either work, family games, or play. These men’s casual shoes are perfect to wear on days you spend at home and get everything ticked off your to-do list.


They are also a great style to wear when out and about, and you want to shoot some hoops. Perfect for a father-son day at the basketball ring. Take these kicks and sport shoes from day to night with ease as high-tops can also get dressed up to suit your nighttime look.


High-tops in staple colours such as black and white are perfect to wear with a dressier outfit and mens accessories. This is great for dinner, family gatherings or small special events. These men’s casual shoes are a great choice to wear no matter the occasion without compromising your style.


Style 4 – Lace-up boots!


Lace-up boots are a style of men’s casual shoes that every guy needs to own! These boots are underestimated at the best times, but they are sophisticated and classy mens shoes.


Lace up shoes generally come in a range of mens styles and colours, which gives them the ultimate edge of being a versatile pair of mens shoes. Typically, this mens shoes style is paired with denim jeans, a shirt or jumper, and an overcoat, resulting in a classy and put-together look.


When styling these men’s casual shoes with your outfit, it is best to keep in mind that they will be the feature of the look. These kicks and sport shoes are very popular, so styling them well is a big priority.


Try to avoid any clashes of colours when wearing these men’s casual shoes, as the browns can clash with brown coloured jackets or shirts. This is the same for black boots when paired with black pants, mens accessories and tops.


Our fashionable guys’ will know what’s up when they come across a colour clash! These mens shoes will be the perfect addition to any guy’s wardrobe.


Style 5 – Canvas Sneakers!


Make fashion a reality with canvas sneakers for guys. These men’s casual shoes are all things laidback and comfortable to wear. The canvas sneaker is a style of mens shoes that every guy will be thankful to own.


It is a great style to reach for when you are stuck on what else to wear with your daily look, but lucky for you, the canvas sneakers and school shoes are there to save the day. These kicks and sport shoes offer a simple, stylish and slim vibe, making it possible to wear them for a midday catch up with mates or rocking them for a night out in the town.


They’re even great to quickly slip on if your dog suddenly makes a run for it down the road (yes, we’ve been there, done that!). These are a great style of men’s casual shoes to own as they are super versatile, making them perfect to wear for any occasion.


Found your favourite pair of kicks?


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