5 Casual Women’s Shoe Styles That Will Elevate Your Wardrobe

Women’s casual shoes are a must-have for any season of the year. It’s a style of womens footwear that many girls enjoy wearing, no matter the occasion. Women’s casual shoes can elevate your wardrobe in the simplest ways, amazing for your everyday looks. Find comfort, on-trend and fashionable styles of womens shoes with Spendless.


Are you struggling to find the perfect women’s casual shoes?


We’ve created a list of our top five womens shoes to make your life that much easier. You’ll be able to choose a gorgeous new pair of womens footwear in no time! Take a read below; you’ll be on your way to finding a new pair of perfect womens shoes.


1. Slides & slippers


For the days when you have zero motivation to do anything and just want to enjoy spending time at home, slides and slippers will be your go-to womens footwear style.


This type of womens shoes is perfect for giving yourself the day off to get on top of your house chores and enjoy a little ‘r&r’. We can all agree how much we enjoy doing our washing… right?


Well, doing your washing whilst wearing an amazing pair of womens shoes makes it all the more worthwhile. If you enjoy the ease of slipping in and out of slides, then you will love them even more for your day at home.


You can simply go from doing the washing to spending an hour or two winding down and enjoying a movie on Netflix. These slides are perfect for the ultimate comfortable day, and they don’t compromise your outfit.


Even if you are in the baggiest clothes possible or small like crop tops, our slides leather sandals will give you that boost of confidence for your day at home.


Not only do our slides leather sandals offer a quick and easy way to hop in and out of different tasks for the day, but they can also be a simple style of womens footwear to throw on when you need to head out for a brief moment.


The best pair of womens shoes that allow you to do this is our slippers. Like the style of slides, our slippers offer that extra bit of comfort and warmth for your feet.


Great for the cold, winter mornings where getting out of bed is a hassle, so you just want the most amount of warmth you could get. Whether it’s ankle-high or shin-high slippers, you know you will be feeling comfortable and warm throughout the day.


2. Sandals


Sandals are another great style of women’s casual shoes as they are super easy to wear for your everyday antics. This type of womens footwear generally offers a low heel with funky straps, making it a look that can get worn on a day-to-day basis or out to more of a party event.


Sandals offer a cute and minimalistic look, which makes any outfit stand out. Sandals are a summery style of womens shoes, so they will be great to wear down to the beach or out to dinner on a warm night.


One of our favourite features of sandals is the straps! There is such an array of unique and stylish strap designs on sandals and, we can’t get enough. This women’s casual shoe style can take your summery outfit to the next level, all with a bit of glitz and glam featured on the straps.


It’s the simple things in life, right?! Seeing as sandals offer a loose fit, it’s best to check out the size guide, fit and wide fit, on our website when scrolling through.


Some of the styles also offer a wide fit noted on our website’s special instructions section. Our range of women’s casual shoes online allows for a direct way to find your next pair of womens footwear with confidence and ease.


We can’t wait to see what style of sandals you rock next!


3. Flats


Our range of flats comes in all different shapes and sizes included on our size guide, like our ballet flat, offering versatility and a wide selection of colours, designs, and patterns.


Flats are the ultimate women’s casual shoe for any occasion. If it’s a day full of household chores or running around for an errand’s day, the trusty flats will have your back. There are some common styles of flats that we see girls wearing a lot! One of these styles is the ballet flat.


These women’s casual shoes have a rounded finish at the toe with a slide-in fit and padded soles. A stunning, everyday style that pairs well with just about any outfit. Whatever the weather, flats especially, ballet flat are an easy style of womens shoes to spend the day in.

Seeing as flats do not offer much support for your feet, they are best for brief periods throughout the day, so you can minimise any strain from occurring.


That’s why flats are a great women’s casual shoe because they can be worn casually throughout the day and are easy to slip in and out. Perfect for those who are time-poor or need a simple pair of womens footwear to use as walking shoes daily.


4. Wedges


Let’s take a throwback to the ’90s with our platform wedges. This womens footwear look is a dressier version of women’s casual shoe, but they can get worn casually. For girls on the shorter side of things, platform wedges are a must-have.


These offer an extra amount of height, which goes hand-in-hand with a boost of confidence too.


Platform wedges are also great to pair with maxi skirts or dresses, where that extra few cm’s of height ensures your flowy look doesn’t get caught on the ground. An amazing summer style of women’s casual shoes is the platform wedge and, it has made the perfect comeback.


For the girls who love the platform wedge, but find that it’s too much for them, take a chance on the low heel wedges. With the same amount of style and comfort, the low heel wedges are great for everyday wear without having to put too much effort into planning your outfit.


5. Everyday sneakers!


The everyday casual sneakers you need in your life asap! A girl can never own too many womens sports sneakers, and what better way to dive right into finding the perfect pair than by looking at our range of women’s casual shoe.


Sneakers fit perfectly into this category, featuring a range of different styles and designs. One style that’s on-trend casual shoes online right now is the all-white casual sneakers. This style of women’s casual shoe pairs perfectly with just about every look.


Whether it’s a night out for dinner and cocktails or a day full of road trips, the all-white casual sneakers is a total vibe. The bright white offers a sleek design that ties any look together.


Laidback and super chill, the all-white casual sneakers is a wardrobe must-have. If you want to spice things up, take a chance on the canvas sneaker.


A more chic women’s casual shoe style can pair well with ¾ pants and a cute, knitted jumper with crop tops. It’s the perfect combination of the general casual sneakers look and flats. These women’s casual shoes are super comfy and very versatile!


Are you in the mood for some online shopping?


If our top five selections of women’s casual shoes have tickled your fancy, take some well-deserved me-time, and enjoy a scroll through our online range of styles. You’ll find your perfect pair of kicks in no time!