2021 Women’s Flats We Love!

We love the latest women’s flats in our collection, and we’re sure you will too! Take a look at our selection for 2021, and you won’t be satisfied with getting only one pair! But don’t worry, because, with our low prices, you can afford to treat yourself to a few new styles. Do you want the cosiest and cutest shoes for your feet?


Spendless will trump any competition. From casual to formal designs, we’ve got it all. Not to mention, our women’s flats will work beautifully with any of your outfits! Do you want the details about our most sensational shoes for the start of the new year? Keep reading to find out more about our styles! 


Are women’s flats only for casual occasions?


This is one misconception that we’re happy to refute! Women’s flats from Spendless Shoes come in so many different styles and trends that you’ll be able to discover something for every possible event. While we boast an enormous range of comfy and fashionable everyday designs, there are plenty of other types available on our shelves. 


We’ve got elegant women’s flats for weddings and other formal events, classic pairs for offices and other workplaces, and so many more that you can choose from in 2021! You’re spoiled for choice whenever you shop with us. 


So, who wants a closer look at some of our best-loved women’s flats? 


Do you need a style that you can wear to work?


Anyone who wants to update their go-to office pair should try some of our ballet-look women’s flats! We know that while many workplaces have reasonably relaxed dress codes, that isn’t the case for everyone. If you aren’t allowed to wear women’s flats that leave your toes uncovered, then a lot of slides and sandals are going to be impossible to take in during the week.


Luckily, Spendless has a gorgeous collection of classic ballet styles that can keep to the strictest outfit regulations! We have timeless pairs with rounded toes and more modern women’s flats with pointed tips. Whichever type you choose, you’ll get to enjoy hours of uninterrupted comfort, and a set of shoes that you can wear day-in and day-out!


Women’s flats with a print will be a go-to with any outfit!


Over the last season, we’ve seen customers going wild for shoes with fashionable animal print! Make sure that you don’t miss out on a pair of women’s flats with a cute wild-themed pattern. Our favourites for 2021 are slides with either leopard print, snakeskin, or crocodile textured material. 


Having one of these finishes on your women’s flats can add a whole new element to your everyday outfit and wardrobe basics. As such, they’re a huge hit! If you want to try out one of our women’s flats with an eye-catching animal pattern, then look for accessories (a clutch, scrunchies, a scarf, earrings— you name it!) that have a similar print on them, and watch as they make your next ensemble pop! 


Try our styles as formal footwear!


Since we’re in summer, you should know that women’s flats are a favourite pick for picnic parties, outdoor venues, beach weddings, and all of those sorts of occasions! Are you tired of wearing stilettos to formal events and coming home with blisters and aching feet? Women’s flats will keep you in comfort for hours and hours. With a pair of heel-less shoes to take you out, you’ll be free to stand around and mingle or dance the night away with our sophisticated slides and sandals on your feet. 


Spendless has women’s flats in this look with rhinestones, beaded décor, metallic detailing, diamantes and more, so you’ve got countless options!


We know you’ll love women’s flats from Spendless Shoes!