Zips Don’t Just Have To Be Functional, They Can Be Stylish Too!

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When most people think about decorative features that might go on their shoes, they tend to think about rhinestones, studs, buckles, and other embellishments. Today, Spendless Shoes has one unsung style-hero that you should consider this season— zipped boots! These trendy cold-weather designs fuse function and fashion flawlessly. Now, let’s get to it:

Zipped boots can be practical, pretty, or both!

If you want automatic convenience and beautiful features that highlight your footwear, then zipped boots are the way to go!

Styles with functional fastenings are always quick to take on and off of your feet. Women who are regularly in a rush on their way to work or out on the weekends will appreciate this fast fit. And, unlike self-tie straps or other laced designs, zipped boots rarely underdo on their own.

Still, we also have dozen of variations at Spendless Shoes, and some of these zipped boots have a feature fastening. There a multitude of reasons to add hardware that doesn’t do up, but the main aim is to enhance the overall aesthetic. These zipped boots will be a pull-on or lace-up shoe.

Finally, zipped boots may also include a false fastening on one side and a functional closure on the other side. Customers who choose this third variation get the best of both worlds.

Contrasting colours

If you want shoes that can make a statement, then messing around with the colour scheme is an excellent place to start. The line of gold or silver on our zipped boots immediately pops out from the leading material, especially if there’s a significant shift in shades. For instance, classic glossy black zipped boots get an attitude update when you add some silver metal, so ladies chasing 2019’s grunge aesthetic will love these.

Merging well with prints and patterns

Anyone who has been following the fashion trends of the season knows how popular prints have become. At Spendless Shoes, we have a handful of gorgeous zipped boots with a leopard print finish, and it’s the fastening that completes the aesthetic. These are chic enough to give one last touch of elegance to your spotty zipped boots, but not audacious enough to distract from the all-around look. Where elastic side gussets or oversized buckles could reduce the power of the print (or seem awkward and clunky), putting our leopard print always works wonderfully on zipped boots.

Blending well with different textures

A sleek leather-look finish and laced upper can be brought together effortlessly thanks to zipped boots. Some of our best men’s designs employ this look successfully and make dressing up for work functions or fancy restaurants during autumn and winter oh-so-easy.

For ladies, it’s faux suede material that zipped boots help highlight, as they contrast the soft fluffy finish with the smooth shine of the closure.

The freedom to add a tassel feature

Zipped boots provide the perfect excuse to add dangly décor onto shoes as well! These pretty additions are something you’ll see a lot on zipped boots for our younger customers. Girls’ styles, in particular, tend to feature metallic charms and other decorations if the style allows for them. Our favourite includes golden hearts and tasselled strands. Meanwhile, in the women’s collection, fashionable features such as o-rings can find their place onto designs this way. These may seem like tiny design aspects, but they can add a layer of fun and personality to otherwise plain styles.

So, will you be adding a pair to your collection?

Balance the trendiest looks with ease of wear when you buy these shoes. Have fun and enjoy spending less on zipped boots by shopping at Spendless Shoes!