Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Summer Sandals

How To Select The Perfect Pair Of Sandals 

Looking for women's sandals to start the season off on the right foot? Spendless Shoes has everything you need! Today, we are here to show you the main steps to follow to find your way to the best set of women's sandals. So, let's get started! Here are all the things to think about as you search for shoes:

What's the occasion?

Knowing where you intend to wear this particular pair of women's sandals is always a nice place to start! Are you shopping for an everyday pair? Something you can take down to the beach and on the sand? A standout style for your next big party? Our versatile women's sandals can work across many different venues and settings, but it is a good idea to have some of these in mind before you start shopping!

Let's talk straps

When it comes to strappy women's sandals, you have plenty to pick. Wrap-around toe straps, tie-ups, crisscrossing, parallel— we have got it all! If you are feeling adventurous, we also have some fantastic styles with laser cut-outs and pin-punched detailing too.

Something with a heel

Who said women's sandals have to be flat? At Spendless, we have dozens of wedges and block-heeled styles. Even the lowest of heels can help make your shoes appear more formal. These women's sandals will be excellent to wear in the workplace on a stiflingly hot day when you want something open and airy. Plus, they give your legs the subtle elongating and shaping that you get when you wear heels. You can pick from as low as one or as high as ten centimetres tall.

A pair of heeled women's sandals will look great with skirts, shorts, and dresses too!

Which fastening will be your best fit?

At Spendless, our women's sandals come with a mix of velcro fastenings, zippers, tie-up laces, and buckled straps.

If you want something fast and easy, then women's sandals with zippers should be your pick. These are easy to get on and off in a hurry, which makes them the perfect match for ladies who are always on the move or rushing from one event to the next; this is also true for slip-on women's sandals and sling-backs.

Buckles are for the fashion-conscious buyer in 2018. Not only do these have a practical function (by changing the tightness for your best comfort experience), but they double as a stylish feature too! Some of our hottest women's sandals this season come with round or square buckles. Plus, an exciting finish such as faux suede can lift a look in a moment.

Lace-up women's sandals have a flattering advantage. Since you can tie them as high or low as you like, and adjust the tension, these should make your legs appear longer and skinnier.

What kind of finish?

As our descriptions will tell you, most of our women's sandals are vegan-friendly synthetic styles. However, this in no way cuts down your options for the finish! We have mirror-like metallic, soft faux suede fabric, leather-look shine, and glamorous décor to match. Diamantes and rhinestones are a top favourite on women's sandals this season, so we have an array on hand.

Regarding colour— prepare to be spoiled for choice! You'll find women's sandals in black, silver, white, red, pink, gold, tan, natural, and any combination of them along the way. Glossy metallics like gold and silver with a matte black or white are some of our favourites at Spendless.

We hope that helps!

For a look at our specific styles of women's sandals, you can head into one of our stores or browse online! Get the look for less from Spendless Shoes.