Your Guide To Finding The Perfect School Shoe!


If there’s one thing you want to be sure of when buying a pair of school shoes, it’s the comfort. Not only do school shoes have to deal with hours of wear in the classroom for day to day and until the end of the term, but they also have to contend with the wear they get on the playground. In short, you want school shoes that can last.

Tread carefully

While buying a larger pair of school shoes for your kids to grow into can be an alluring prospect, you still need to be careful about the fit. A too-big pair of school shoes could be a tripping hazard, especially for younger kids. However, if you do end up buying a larger size for your kids and need help correcting the fit, then some gel or fabric innersoles are a great solution. Little feet will appreciate the added layer of comfort and support, and you’ll enjoy not having to replace them with a smaller set!

Check the fit

Whether you’re at home or out shopping, make sure that you can your child tries their school shoes on with their proper socks. You don’t want any nasty surprises on the first day back!

You’ll want about a centimetre (half a thumb’s width) between your child’s longest toe and the top of their school shoes. Keep in mind that their longest toe might be the second or third along.

Ask your child about any tight spots or pinching. If there is, then you can try to fix this by adjusting the fastenings (laces, buckles, straps, etc.) and see how the school shoes feel afterwards.


While lace-up school shoes are classroom classics for all ages, our other options can be a great benefit to younger students. Touch-adhesive and buckled straps are nice and easy to tighten or loosen, and better for kids who can’t tie shoelaces by themselves. School shoes in this design make for more secure wear and help avoid any embarrassment that might come from asking a teacher to tie their school shoes up.

Don’t forget the other kind!

Sneakers and trainers might be the most forgotten style of school shoes. While they aren’t the glossy black set that your child will be wearing at their desk, these are essentials for kids with PE classes or afternoon sports.

Like the rest of our school shoes range, sneakers and trainers come with the option of touch-fastening straps or laced uppers.

For a formal but functional look, we have all-black and all-white sneakers. However, our bright and colourful trainers are a fun pick too!


There are pros and cons on both sides of the debate about leather or synthetic school shoes. At Spendless, we’ve found that happy place in-between. Our leather-lined styles are flexible, breathable, and feel great to wear. And, thanks to the synthetic portion, they are also harder to mark, more water-resistant, and durable. Online and in-store shoppers will find leather school shoes clearly labelled, so you can make your own decision.  

Buying online

If you live in a remote area or hate getting caught in the pre-term shopping rush, then this is the perfect solution. Buying online is easy at Spendless. We have detailed descriptions, images, design information, and sizing guides, so you are always sure of what you purchase. Plus, our express shipping option means you can get school shoes as fast as you need them!

Ready to get started?

Shop online on our Australian or New Zealand page today, or let our friendly team take care of everything in one of our stores! Wherever you come from, Spendless has the perfect school shoes waiting for you!