Your Guide To Finding Comfortable Sandals This Summer

How to find the perfect pair of sandals 

Looking to start the summer off right with a great pair of sandals? Spendless has the sort for you! Our collection has something for everyone. So, let's get started!

The first thing to think about is where you plan on wearing your sandals. That way, you can narrow your search down a bit. After all, Spendless Shoes has many kinds of sandals to choose from, regardless of your age or gender, so having a place to start is always good. We have sandals for the beach, poolside, work, casual wear, and even for formal events such as weddings.

Did somebody say wedding?

Sandals are an excellent choice for summer unions. When you take a pair of these to the ceremony, you can focus on enjoying yourself instead of thinking about how gritty the sand feels between your toes. With sandals, you can indulge yourself with comfortable wear and long-lasting support. Plus, you can add these shoes back into your casual wardrobes once the day has done!

For men, we recommend gladiator-style sandals with smooth, neat finishes and structured looks. These are just formal enough to not look out of place with your smart chino shorts (or a summery suit) while maintaining a relaxed feel.

Women have their pick of rhinestone or diamante-embellished styles for some extra sparkle and glam. However, for anyone who wants another small touch of elegance that will still maintain long-lasting comfort, then there is always the option of our wedge or heeled sandals.

The perfect casual kinds

Women's slide-on sandals make the ideal casual wear for summer, and this year it's all about straps! Thick peep-toe top bands, mules, crossovers, and even tie-up styles have dominated the scene for spring and summer. These sandals look great with skirts, shorts, playsuits, and all of your favourites in the hot weather!

For the men, we're are loving dual top straps and other partially enclosed styles, but regular beach thongs continue to hold their own. The more of the foot that the straps cover, the more formal the sandals appear. As such, you can get away with a half-open style almost anywhere during the summer months, keeping your feet and outfits cool at the same time!

Wearing outdoors and on adventures

One thing to keep an eye on is the tread of your sandals. Slips and falls are no fun at any age, which is why you should take care to have the right sandals for the right setting. If you want to spend your summer knee-deep in the surf, tip-toeing around tidal pools, or scaling sand and seaweed dunes, then be sure that your shoes have the soles for the job! At Spendless, that means checking out our reef-walkers and other outdoor sandals.

These are tough but flexible, with excellent grip and grooved bases to help you keep your balance on slippery rocks and other tough terrains.

Of course, if you only need sandals that can dip in and out of the water now and then, or that can rinse off under a tap nice and quickly, then our classic PVC beach thongs and flip flops are the way to go! They're lightweight, easy to carry around, and you can slide in and out of them as quick as thinking.

Are you ready to find the perfect pair of sandals?

Come and see us online or in one of our stores to get a look at the whole range! If you're looking for sandals, then Spendless Shoes has just what you need!