You’ll Be Spoiled for Choice with Our Range of Mens Suede Shoes

Our Large Range Of Mens Suede Shoes 

Are you ready for the latest looks from Spendless? Say hello to men's suede shoes. They are stylish, simple, and the perfect way to add an edge to your casual wardrobe. So, why is there so much hype around men's suede shoes? Why should you be adding them to your next shopping cart?

A fast-growing trend

For years, the idea has propagated that men's interest in the fashion world was limited, especially in a niche as small as suede shoes. Of course, could not be further from the truth. The average number and amount guys spend on their footwear yearly is almost level with the same statistics from ladies. Demand is high, and with online shopping making it easier than ever to snatch up a new pair, retailers need to stay on top of the all the latest looks. That is why Spendless is offering more diverse options than ever, like our men's suede shoes.

The advantages of great materials

Men's suede shoes from Spendless are synthetic, or in other words, "faux" suede. They originated from man-made materials, as opposed to being derived from animal products; this has several advantages. For one, men's shoes made from faux suede are more resistant to water than the genuine thing. They are also far more receptive to cleans, tend to have a longer lifespan, and can handle more severe treatment. Lastly, and as our product descriptions highlight, this also makes them vegan-friendly.

Choose from all sorts of colours and kinds

Men's suede shoes come in a variety of shades. We have classic blacks and browns for the traditional guys, but also branch out into grey and navy. Regarding styles, Spendless has all kinds of men's suede shoes for you to browse through. We have men's suede shoes in the form of trendy retro sneakers and trainers, classic dressy boots, and even more. Whether you like designs with a sharp contrast or a sophisticated and sustained aesthetic, the Spendless range is sure to have men's suede shoes that appeal to you.


Men's suede shoes from the boots section are perfect for dressy occasions. Being boots, they have a more relaxed and rugged look than a regular formal style. It may come as a surprise, but these can be excellent for weddings. If the big day (or the reception) takes place on grass or a rockier surface, our faux suede men's boots could be the best shoes for the job. A wedding taking place in winter or during a cold snap could also be the appropriate setting for these, as they provide more coverage and protection for your feet and ankles.


We all know trainers and sneakers are not limited to gym enthusiasts, marathon runners, or athletes anymore. Wearing exercise gear casually, for instance, when you head out to the shop or to hang out with friends, is standard now. Men's suede shoes in canvas and trainer styles are some of our most popular sells. They are comfortable, trendy, and give your whole look a little lift. By introducing some variation and contrast into your outfit with men's suede shoes, you instantly up your game.

More soft fabrics

They may not always leave the house, but our slippers can go toe to toe with our men's suede shoes any day of the week. Their soft material surface, inside and out, helps feet stay both warm and cosy.

So, will you be adding a pair of men's suede shoes to your wardrobe? Browse the range at Spendless whenever and wherever you like when you shop with us online. Or, head into one of over two hundred stores across Australia. You can always get the look for less at Spendless.