Worn Out High Heels? Time For An Upgrade With Spendless Shoes Fantastic Heel Range!

Our Womens Heel Range 

No one likes to watch a pair of their much-loved shoes slowly wither and waste away. At Spendless Shoes, we know how awful it can be when your best pair of women's high heels suddenly fails on you, whether it is at the end of the season or after years of faithful service. That is why we wanted to talk today about replacing an old pair of women's high heels. We would love to help you find women's high heels to replace your old favourites, or to upgrade to newer and better things.

This season's best looks

If you want the latest women's high heels this year, we have some pointers for you. As we head into spring and summer, platforms, espadrille wedges, and other women's high heels with thick bases look to be contenders for the top most popular. There are also several styles that have gotten revamped for 2018. Women's high heels with sling-back ankle straps are a massive hit. If you want a short stiletto that slims down your ankles, this is the perfect option to update your wardrobe.

First, let's talk about colour

Red was big in winter and looks to be continuing that trend straight into spring and summer. We are talking vibrant and boisterous red for women's high heels; the kind of colour that draws the eyes and adds a dramatic flair to any look. If you want a bold shade for the hot weather, red is the way to go.

All-white has been big for trainers, to give a sporty edge to everyday casual outfits. Now, it is making a statement in women's high heels. Whether you want to go for a cool espadrille-inspired look or a popular platform, all-white women's high heels will give any outfits contrast and style.

Finally, if you want to update your women's high heels with the latest colours, then rose gold is the way to go. A favourite for weddings and coffee dates alike, shoes with a sleek rose gold finish add shine and elegance with whatever they are paired. You can dress these up as much or as little as you'd like.

The styles you know and love

As much as we love updating our women's high heels at Spendless Shoes, we also recognise a good thing when we see it. While we are always bringing in the season's hottest looks, we like to stay faithful to our old favourites. If you have a pair of not-so-recent women's high heels for Spendless, the chances are that we have something similar in our current range.

The name may have changed, but you can always do a quick browse over the product pictures on our website to see if we have similar women's high heels to the ones you first loved. Narrow down the search by checking our categories. Fashion is always evolving, so what you find will likely not be a perfect match— there might be a new buckle, or a square toe instead of a round one, for instance— but our women's high heels have the same heart.

Are you still having trouble? Talk to one of our team members online using LiveChat, or stop at a Spendless store and a team member will take care of you.

So, how will you replace your old women's high heels?

Whether you want the latest looks or to rediscover an old favourite, Spendless Shoes has women's high heels for you. Browse our expansive range online, or come and meet our friendly team member in one of our many stores across Australia. Shop women's high heels today, and get the look for less!