Work Friendly Women’s Sandals!

If you’re looking for some new women’s sandals, then the best time is now! In a few weeks, the summer weather will be well-and-truly here, so you’d better get prepared. After all, you won’t be happy if your wardrobe is missing the ever-essential set of women’s sandals! So, we’re going to give you a quick introduction to the collection at Spendless Shoes today. Not only will women’s sandals from our range become your go-to casual and formal styles, but they’ll become a regular pair to wear your corporate clothing. So, if you want women’s sandals that can do more for you, then keep reading!

What should you do about workplace dress codes?

Shopping for women’s sandals doesn’t have to be complicated, even if office dress codes play a role in deciding. Before you start shopping, the first thing that you need to do is to check what types of shoes you’re allowed to wear. If your office has a strict policy that bars exposed toes, for instance, then make sure you don’t grab women’s sandals with peep-toes.

Once you’ve established the kinds of styles and features that aren’t allowed, you can start refining your search. After that, it should be easy to track down a fantastic (and appropriate) pair of women’s sandals. 

What sort of features should you be looking for in a work style? 

To answer that question, you’ll need to stop and think about the kind of job that you have. Do you work somewhere where you are often standing up or walking around during your nine-to-five? If so, you’ll probably need women’s sandals with additional support for your feet. The more hectic and active your job is, the more you will need better and longer-lasting comfort from your footwear

The best way to find supportive styles is to assess their soles. When you search for women’s sandals online, you’ll be able to look at their images and see which of our designs have proper grip and cushioning on their soles. If you’re still unsure, then the product description should inform you about the type of support you can expect. Reading the shoe information is an easy way to see which women’s sandals will keep you the cosiest during your busy day. 

So, are you ready for our recommendations? 

Woven women’s sandals are a perfect fit for anyone!

The covered toes make these shoes a natural choice in the workplace. The open back creates a handy slide-in fit, and also allows you to wear long skirts and dresses without concealing the best parts of your shoes. Women’s sandals like these are icon and modern because of the trendy woven material. A textured finish will add an attractive feel to any outfit. 

Get yourself some flatform women’s sandals 

Flatforms are the perfect compromise for ladies who can’t decide between slides or heels. With their flat platform, painless elevation, and modern vibes, the popularity of these women's sandals in 2019 is no mystery! You’ll have no trouble wearing these all day at work and then out to dinner (or to a party) afterwards. 

Try some of our pointy-toed block heels!

These low heels are short enough to be women’s sandals, so we’re including them in our list today. With their soft faux suede material and fashionable pointed toes, these are a prime pick for ultra-formal offices. You can wear these with your favourite summer culottes, work skirts, and patterned dresses. We know you’ll adore our pointy-toed women’s sandals!

Find your style at Spendless Shoes!

Shop with us, and you’ll get new and fantastic women’s sandals at the best possible prices. Visit us soon, and have fun browsing through all of your options!