Womens Gumboots for a Green thumb

Get Out In the Garden In A Great Pair Of Gumboots

A little birdie told us that your grandma could use some new gumboots. Well, if so, Spendless Shoes is here to help you find the perfect of gumboots pair online and surprise her with delivery! Gumboots are super versatile and are great for a granny who loves to spend their time out in the garden.

Green thumb?

Does Grandma need some new gumboots for working the garden? Now you may not have the greenest thumb in the world, but you know that your grandma does. Every time you go to her house, the flowers are all looking spick-and-span. You might risk tripping over a rake or a shovel, but the garden always looks top shape. So how can gumboots help?

Gumboots are not just the perfect styles for wet and windy weather. They are perfect for the garden too! You can wear them on cold mornings when the grass is still dewy or dusted with frost. You can clean mud, grass blades, and leafy bits off of them just by spraying them down. They are a fast and no-nonsense style that can quickly be left outside to dry. In fact, most garden gumboots will never have to be stored inside the house anyway. If your grandma loves gardening, she will swoon over a new pair of gumboots. They pull on and off much faster than other shoes, and they do not mind a little dirt here and there.

Where to find them on our website

The best place to locate gumboots is on our Spendless webpage in our "rainboots" section, and although we call them 'rainboots', they are still gumboots at heart. We have a range of gumboots that you can choose for your grandma that will allow her to keep her flowers looking beautiful all through the winter time.
Our styles are classically black, but we throw in a flashy print now and then to spice things up. If you are struggling to choose the best colour of gumboots, choose black. These tend to look cleaners than they are, and will match with most of grandma's clothes.
Also, stop trying to guesstimate the right size for her gumboots. Check the sizing guide next to the shoe description or at the bottom of the webpage. Our sizing chart will be a much more helpful indicator of the size you should be buying.

As a gift

So, how about making a surprise out of it? Spendless Shoes does quick and fast delivery with Australia Post. If grandma's birthday is coming up or you don't even need an excuse to send gifts, you can have a new set of gumboots delivered to her door in no time at all. Just order the gumboots online as usual, but pump in grandma's address instead of your own. Voila! They are on their way, and you can sit back and relax while you wait for the gumboots to arrive.

How long will that take?

Well, that would depend on what kind of shipping you select for delivery. Standard postage with Australia Post will take 3-10 business days, depending on where grandma lives. Express postage is very speedy, and your little red riding gumboots should make their way to grandma's house in 2-3 business days.
Finding a pair of gumboots for your grandma is easy when you shop with us at Spendless Shoes. It is even easier to surprise her than ever, with our fast delivery service thanks to Australia Post. So, why wait? Hop online and get the look for less. Grandma will be delighted by her new pair of gumboots in no time, and be out in the garden all year long. It is no wonder you are her favourite!