Women’s Flats Perfect for Work and Play

Footwear is one of the essential items of clothing you can have. You need women’s flats because they have everything you need to get you through work and play—comfort, style, versatility, and affordability.


Do you know where to find the best ones?


At Spendless Shoes, where else?Women’s flats at Spendless will have you going down a rabbit hole of styles and designs. 


There’s quite an inventory of excellent ones, and we’re sure you’ll find it challenging to choose one because we’ve been down that path. We love all the women’s flats available and know you would, too!


So, since we’ve been through the same dilemma, allow our team at Spendless Shoes to help you find the ideal footwear for work and play. 


While there are twelve available classic colours for women’s flats, we’d like to recommend a couple of styles in black. Shopping for colourful and unique shoes is fun, but some workplaces are conservative.


Besides, black women’s flats are not bad at all. Although some may think they are boring, Spendless has excellent ones you can wear straight to play. Black remains a stylish colour and one of the easiest to match. So, if you’re ready to dive, let’s go!


Timeless Mary Janes


Mary Janes are closed-toe women’s flats with at least one strap across the instep. It's a classic shoe that's often worn with school uniforms, showing its usefulness. These women’s flats are suitable for school, work, and play. 


You’d love how comfortable this style is for work, allowing you to rush to your obligations without being a hassle. The strap across the instep ensures they’ll never fly off when you’re late for your meeting.


The trendy Mary Janes are ideal for play too. Bring these women’s flats on trips and vacations because they are the perfect OOTD shoes. 


You can wear them with capri pants in various colours and fabrics. Dresses, skirts, and maxi dresses are best with Mary Janes.


Consider these fabulous Mary Janes at Spendless Shoes, which have excellent cushioning and support. But the awesome features don’t end there. 


These women’s casual flats have laser-cut florals for more cuteness and airflow. Thanks to these stylish cut-outs, you can rest assured that your feet will remain fresh all day, very much like wearing flat sandals!


 Mary Janes takes style to the next level by combining function and fashion beautifully. Check out the flower that covers the fastener on the top strap.


Loafers—The Minimalist Flat Shoes


Loafers are another style of flats suitable for work and play. This minimalist but lovely footwear instantly adds elegance to your work outfit without trying too hard. 


They are closed-flat shoes that you can wear for dressy and casual occasions. A black pair will look perfect with your skirt or pantsuit.


And the work of styling doesn’t end there. Match your black pair with printed or plain straight-leg pants and a white bell-sleeved turtleneck top that will command everyone’s attention. 


These exude a powerful vibe if you wear a black pleated skirt and a black sweater top. Feel confident as you waltz into a meeting room wearing these comfortable women’s flats, which will break the ice and awkward pre-meeting conversations.


Do not limit your Spendless loafers at work only because you are wasting such beauty. Take these flats out to party over the weekend! 


Wear them with leather leggings and a nice shimmery top. You’ll thank us later when your feet remain pain-free after hours of dancing and clubbing in these women’s flats.


Although Spendless has several cute ones, consider adding the one with silver chain detailing to your collection. The chunky sole of these women’s flats will add height and silhouette to your feet as you manoeuvre your way through work and play!


Women’s Chic and Classic Ballet Flats


Take your office look a notch higher by adding ballet flats to your closet. These are famous for how lightweight and flexible they are, so choose them to avoid the strain that heavy footwear adds to your body. 


It is the perfect pair for the office and after-work dinners. It’s already a stressful workday; why add more?


You can pair ballet flats with tailored trousers and a crisp button-down top. They are one of the most versatile corporate footwear for women. 


You can wear one with a skirt, dress, or pleated trousers if you acquire one. A blazer will add sophistication to your look.


Head straight to dinner in these beauties. You deserve a night out on the town in this footwear after a tiring day at work. Consider these for weekend brunches and trips to the mall. 


Watch a movie and have fun with friends and family while remaining comfortable and stylish in your ballet flats. There’s nothing more relaxing than feeling and looking good simultaneously!


Spendless has the ultimate women’s flat shoes you can wear to work and play effortlessly. This pointed footwear has a shiny and crimped top half, providing top-tier chicness. Getting these ensures you won’t ever worry about your appearance!


Make Your Shoes Last Longer! 


You must take care of your flat shoes to wear them longer. Our Spendless team gathered some tips you could follow to keep them looking brand new.


  • Keep them away from moisture, which can cause bacterial and fungal growth. Use silica pouches when storing them. Newspapers are an excellent alternative.

  • Never leave them lying around for dust to settle. It would be best if you stored them in shoe closets or bags.

  • Ensure you get all the dirt. Use a damp towel to remove the caked mud that’s harder to shake off. Wipe them after every use before storing them.


Get the Best Flat Shoes from Spendless (Not a Brands Shop)!


Find a huge range of styles of flat shoes for work and play at Spendless. Grab yours now from our nearest store or shop online! Be sure to addinvisible socks so that your feet won’t rub directly on the material