Women’s Casual Shoes You’ll Want to Wear Everywhere!

People say that your footwear speaks so much about your personality. Do you agree?


If we look in your closet now, what will we see? What kind of women’s casual shoes will we find there?


Several styles fall under the women’s casual footwear umbrella, and sometimes it can be challenging to differentiate one from the other. But one thing’s for sure, this footwear is something you’ll want to wear everywhere. 


In addition, this footwear should check several boxes, such as being comfortable, stylish, and versatile.


Spendless ticks all that, plus one other thing: affordability. You don’t have to go over your budget to find women’s casual footwear you’ll never take off because the collection at Spendless is all you need. Are you interested in learning more?


If you’re ready to give it a go, let’s start! Our team at Spendless can make choosing easier for you because they are the experts on the topic. Learn the best time to wear Spendless women’s casual footwear and how to style them. 




Sandals belong to the women’s casual footwear category, but under them are more subcategories to discover—comfort sandals, slides, rubber thongs, and thong sandals. Sandals are open footwear with soles that strap securely over the instep, toes, or ankles.


You know you can wear sandals comfortably when you can go outside with bare legs and not get goosebumps. However, ladies have different tolerance levels for warmth and can still wear these women’s casual footwear in the colder months with the help of tights. 


As such, the best time and place to wear sandals is when the weather starts to turn warmer.


Here are some styling tips so that you can wear your sandals everywhere. First, try wearing thong sandals from Spendless with any of your favourite dresses. 


Then, match these women’s casual footwear with an A-line skater or a longer midi dress for a weekend brunch or backyard barbeque.


If you need a no-fuss look, wear comfortable sandals for errands. Pair any blue, black, mom, or skinny jeans with a white t-shirt and comfort sandals. 


These women’s casual footwear is so cosy you can finish a long list of grocery items, carry all of them to the car, and still feel comfy doing more stuff. 




While the purpose of these women’s casual footwear was for sports or physical exercise, sneakers have gone beyond that and become the go-to option for everyday wear. 


With their comfortable, supportive fit and stylish designs, ladies wear them everywhere to elevate their look. Spendless has three subcategories for these women’s casual footwear: walking, trainers, and sports luxe.


These women’s shoes are versatile, making them useful for multiple purposes. While all three have their uses, you can use them for activities beyond their intended use. 


For instance, you can wear walking sneakers for travel and a relaxed errand day. The same goes for the other two kinds of sneakers. Besides, they are so relaxing that you want to wear them all year.


These casual shoes for women are ideal for all seasons, unlike sandals, which are perfect for warmer months only. In addition, styling them is easy; you don’t have to overhaul your closet to find clothes-matching sneakers.


For instance, wear your jeans with these casual shoes for women. Remember to cuff them so people will see your gorgeous Spendless sneakers. 


You can also wear sneakers with dresses and skirts to change your look. Sneakers are the best for commuting because you can quickly run through tracks and airports while trying to catch your ride.




With winter fast approaching, you must prepare these women’s shoes, which provide the best coverage, stability, and warmth during the cold months. 


First, however, we must be clear that you can wear boots in the warmer months too. It just so happens these women’s shoes are more prevalent during the fall and winter.


Choose any women’s shoe depending on your desired warmth and coverage. Spendless has three subcategories for boots: ankle, long, and knee-high. 

More people are choosing knee-high boots as these give them more versatility. Because these women’s casual footwear can reach the knees, sometimes a little below or above, ladies can wear their mini dresses and skirts with the help of tights during the cold months.


Let’s reiterate the versatility of these women’s casual footwear. Knee-high boots also match well with jeans, dress pants, and leggings. And since boots have heeled versions, ladies have worn them during more formal occasions.


Boots are ideal for wet days because they protect your feet from that uncomfortable damp feeling. In addition, this casual footwear provides stability so you won’t slip and accidentally fall when walking on wet grounds. 


Once you realise how good boots are for you, we bet you'll collect different styles and heights to satisfy your need for excellent footwear. 




These casual shoes for women remind you of how it feels to walk barefoot, only safer since sharp objects can’t harm your feet. While several styles fall under flats, Spendless has two subcategories—loafers and ballet flats. 


In addition, these women’s casual footwear styles have flat heels, and closed toes, are low-cut, and expose the top of the foot.


Flats are versatile footwear you can wear all year round, and we bet you will! These women’s casual footwear is so stylish, in an understated way, that you’ll want to wear them everywhere, to the point that you'll make up an excuse to wear flats.


One of the top reasons ladies flock to these women’s casual footwear is their health. Flats work well with the nature of your body functions and help remove back pain, keeping your spine and feet in tip-top shape.


Styling flats is the same as styling sneakers. The theory and what works with each other also work with these women’s casual footwear. 


The only difference is that flats are more acceptable in the workplace. So you can make the most of these casual shoes for women from Spendless and wear them everywhere you want. 


Elevate your style with Spendless women's casual shoes! 


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