Winter Boots Perfect For Work

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Are you shopping for winter boots? Make Spendless Shoes your first stop! Our range of styles for men and women include the latest looks and trends of 2019 and some enduring classics. Prices are low, quality is high, and finding winter boots that you love is easy. 

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Men’s lace-up styles

These top favourites bring steady comfort and the look of your best dress shoes. You get the dream-team of function and look with our laced winter boots— soft faux suede fabric or a sleek synthetic finish, plus effortlessly adjustable laces to customise and maximise your comfort.

Our shiny synthetic men’s winter boots are more form-fitting than the suede ones, so we recommend wearing them in a formal office during the colder months. They’ll be a nice change from your standard dress shoes and keep your feet warmer.

Soft faux suede winter boots are usually a better match in a relaxed workplace, if only because they’re a natural pairing with jeans.

Now, what about slip-on styles?

We love black winter boots in this look with other dark colours, but if you enjoy some diversity in your wardrobe and bring out your grey or navy blue pants, then our tan shoes will treat you right. They may not be able to tighten or loose as you like with laces, but the elastic gussets on our pull-on winter boots stretch for comfort and can slowly form to your foot shape over time.

For the women

Ladies, you have your pick of the lot when it comes to winter boots. Beyond selecting the right colours, material, and décor, your prime choices are going to be around the height and whether or not you want a heel.

How do you feel about heels on your winter boots?

No pressure one way or another, since they all look great— the main point of this question is to make sure you find a style that you can wear comfortably for the duration of your working day. All of our heeled winter boots have either block bases or wedge platforms, so you’re already guaranteed a more stable and sturdy fit that you would with stilettos. Then, it’s merely a matter of deciding on a higher or lower heel.

What about the height?

Ankle-high winter boots are more flexible for wear in other seasons, but our thigh-highs can be a sweet pair with the right dresses or skirts year-round as well. It all comes down to personal preferences. Want a dramatic look that will also keep your legs warm? You’ll love over-the-knees winter boots. Need something easy to dress up or down throughout the week? Go for a short style. Finally, you can also enjoy the balance of cute knee-length winter boots.

Don’t forget!

We geared this little guide towards finding winter boots for men and women with jobs in indoor or office settings. However, if you work a trade or need protective styles, we’ve also got you covered!

Our line of Australian Safety Standard approved boots are must-haves whether you’re shopping for summer, autumn, winter, or spring. With features including slip-resistant soles, padded ankle collars, and steel-capped toes, these will have you prepped and ready for whatever the day throws at you. Check out our range of sturdy work boots today!

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See us in your local Spendless store, where our team members can help you find the perfect fit quick. Too busy? Don’t worry; shopping on our website for winter boots is simple. We have all the images, information, and online support that you need to find winter boots. Enjoy the latest affordable prices when you buy from Spendless Shoes!