Why You Should Wear Platform Heels To Your Next Special Event

The Best Heels for our next event!

If you need shoes for your next event, then why not try platform heels? Need some convincing? No worries! Spendless Shoes has the best selection this season. Here’s what you should know!

Why are platform heels so appealing?

For one thing, there’s the nostalgia factor. Like every hot shoe trend, platform heels have cycled back around into modernity. We’ve missed them. And with fresh and fun designs popping up all over the fashion world at current, there’s no reason not to hop on board and grab a pair for your collection.

Just be grateful we’re getting something supportive trending in 2019, and enjoy the comfortable wear while you can. After all, who knows? Towering stilettos might make us suffer for style next season.

Styles of platform heels

At Spendless Shoes, we have several varieties of platform heels this season. The first kind is wedges like our espadrilles, distinguished by an entire block base. Next, our chunky block heels with a retro-feeling platform. Finally, we have slimmer looks with cushioning under the ball of the foot for comfort.

Speaking of comfort— why are platform heels so kind on feet?

Well, it’s all to do with their big and beautiful bases! Whenever you add some width to your platform heels or thicken up the sole of your shoes, you’re adding an extra layer of support. This extra padding reduces strain on your ankles and feet.

Wedges are a classic example of this since they forgo a stiletto point and substitute it with a full block base. The more surface contact your platform heels have with the ground, the less pressure they place on your tendons. And, by adding height with a flat layer instead of bumping up the incline of your platform heels, you help stave off tension from that too!

So, they feel good. But how does that help you at a formal event?

Long-lasting wear

If you have a big party, wedding, or one-ended event on the horizon, then platform heels are an excellent pick. Their flexible and reliable comfort guarantees you can last through the festivities without needing to bail on our shoes. Dancing, partying, and even just standing around to talk will be a much more pleasant experience if you aren’t getting foot cramps.

They’re also really easy to walk in when you’re indoors or outdoors.

They come with glamorous additions

What’s an easy way to make your shoes look more sophisticated and formal? Add something sparkly to the finish! At Spendless Shoes, our platform heels come with different décor, including diamante or rhinestone trim. These glittery styles help effortlessly elevate your platform heels and your look in one! Plus, you’ll be able to accessorise! With easy base colours like tan, natural, and black, pairing our platform heels with your best attire will be stunningly simple.

Want something slightly more casual?

If you aren't sold on platform heels, we do have some great alternatives that still have thick soles. As we’ve said, this style is in for 2019, so it should be no surprise that they’re getting incorporated into other shoe designs.

Today, we’re namely focusing in on sandals. These are “flat-forms”, meaning there’s no slant or incline that your foot will need to try and handle. At an outdoor event or get-together by the beach, these could be ideal. Like any platform heels, our chunky sandals give you a few extra centimetres of height while maintaining natural comfort. We love these casual platforms with buckled ankle straps and open heels, but there are plenty of other sorts on offer.

Time to go shopping?

You bet it is! Find the ultimate platform heels at Spendless Shoes today.