Why You Should Invest In A Pair Of Espadrilles This Summer Season!

What Makes Espadrilles So Popular? 

Espadrilles will be a game changer for your summer styling! These dynamic platform wedges make a fantastic casual shoe or a fun formal style. Not only do espadrilles conquer many of the complications that plague regular heels, but they also bring a world of possibilities to your wardrobe this season! Let’s have a better look at these fabulous shoes, shall we?

Forget about slips and trips

Espadrilles, especially the lower sort, are far better-suited to walking on grass and sand than most other kinds of heels. The robust platform helps to spread your body weight more evenly, and there is no stick-thin point to sink into the ground or catch in a gap between deck boards. If block heels are the way to curb stiletto disasters, then espadrilles are the be-all and end-all solution to heel trouble!

A broader base means better balance and stability, so you can think about having a good time and getting where you’re going, instead of worrying about whether or not it will be safe to walk!

Foot care and cosiness

In addition to helping you walk in a heel-hostile territory, espadrilles also give their wearer long-lasting comfort and support. If you have a long day or night of celebrations ahead of you, then espadrilles are the best shoes for the job!

Since they make it easier for you to move, espadrilles will also help you to get your fair share of dancing in before the day has done too. We’re calling these glamorous wedges a must-have this summer at weddings, parties, and any event that goes for more than a few hours.

Versatility and styling options

Espadrilles are a stupendous pick for women who want heels that can go the extra mile. What’s the use of getting shoes that you can only wear to one place? The best kind of heels are the sort that can dress up or dress down as you wish, and our espadrilles are just that!

A matter of material

For that last bit of elegance and styling, you can choose different two essential finishes for your espadrilles.

Smooth synthetic styles are an instant choice for most people. You can wear other textures like corduroy without it seeming mismatched. The flat finish is also hard to mark and easy to clean, which means that these espadrilles are incredibly low maintenance!

Faux suede is a nice finish to help you add an extra element to your outfit! It makes sense to use such a soft style with our lace-up espadrilles, given that they’re tied against your skin and need to be more flexible than a rigid synthetic band.

So, what about décor?

If you need your espadrilles to bring the last touch of class and elegance to your outfit, then a sparkly band of rhinestones is a great way to do it! Rhinestones and other sparkles feature prominently on some of our lower wedges (ideal for extended wear!), right across the top toe bands.

How to wear them

The great thing about styling your espadrilles is the fact that it’s ridiculously easy! All you need to do is pair it with something that showcases our legs!

Bodycon party dresses are a natural pairing with sleek and smooth espadrilles. Our lovely fuzzy lace-ups will add a feminine feel to a flowing style or plainly-cut jumpsuit. As long as you have a look that can balance the thick platform base without making it seem too clunky underneath, our espadrilles will look gorgeous!

Who could deny these stunning shoes?

For a better look at our range of espadrilles, visit us in a store, or browse online! We can help you find your ultimate match in no time, and get you the look for less at Spendless Shoes.