Why pay more for women’s walking shoes?

Shoes are one of life's most significant assets.

You can collect a whole massive range of shoes, and with Spendless you do not have to pay more which means more shoes!
Why you are looking to update your wardrobe and purchase a pair of women's walking shoes, you may have different reasons of why you are buying the shoe such as walking, comfort or style and you should not pay more for these.

Walking shoes

The Spendless website has a massive range of walking shoes which cover all different types of occasions. In our website, you will find our sneakers category under women's which includes trainers or sports luxe. Our trainers contain pages and pages of sneakers which you can pick and include wide walking shoes to running shoes and even style focused footwear. The pricing is great because there is something for everyone with prices starting as low as $19.99 up to $39.99!
We also include a massive range of lace up, slip on meaning that you can locate the correct shoe for you at a low price!

Comfort shoes

If you are looking for a more comfortable pair of walking shoes rather than a couple of trainers, then we also have our comfort flats category under our women's flat range. This includes walking shoes that are incredible for comfort and are also at a great price ranging from $9.99 to $39.99!

Style trainers

As previously mentioned if you are looking for a great walking shoe but do not want to pay more Spendless also offers a range of style trainers under our sports luxe category on our website. The sports luxe category can be found under women in sneakers and includes a variety of colours such as white, black and even blush pink! These styles are great for walking but also to add to any outfit such as if you were going out to the movies or going out for a quiet dinner with the girls because they are a bit more dresser than our trainers and comfort shoes! Therefore, you get style and comfort in one hit, with these sports-luxe trainers costing between $19.99 to $39.99.

You can find all these great styles on our website and also within our stores which you can locate through on store locator on the site all you have to do is:
• Find our store locator on the site.
• Place your postcode in the location and click enter.
• Then it will tell you what stores are in your area.

Here at Spendless we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional quality product for less because we believe that you do not need to pay more to have comfortable and fashionable walking shoes!