Why Our Womens Loafers Are So Popular

Our Range Of Women's Loafers

Ah, women's loafers. No wardrobe could be complete without a pair of these. At Spendless Shoes, we keep up with all the latest trends, so that we can deliver them to our customers. When something new, or something old, starts making waves in the fashion world, we like to know about it. So, we thought it was time to have a chat about women's loafers. They are subtle, beautiful, and frankly, a little underappreciated. So, why should we be talking more about women's loafers?


When it comes to versatile wear, women's loafers are a prime example. No one would look twice (unless it is to admire them) if you rocked up for a coffee date in your favourite women's loafers, just like they would never question you wearing them around the workplace. Who wouldn't want a style that works flawlessly as a casual and formal option?

Perfect for busy ladies

If you find yourself needing a quick getaway in the morning, a pair of women's loafers is the ideal fit for you. The best of us end up running late, and having a set of shoes that you will not have to waste time struggling onto your feet is an unbelievably valuable advantage. Otherwise, women's loafers are fast and convenient to kick off when you want. If you are always in a rush and need shoes that can accommodate you, women's loafers are the pair for you.

The ultimate work shoes

Do you need shoes to wear around the office? Women's loafers are the epitome of flat work shoes. They go well with prints and work pants, look nice under a pencil skirt or a floaty dress, and they can dress up or dress down depending on how else you style them.

An alternative to ballet flats

Women's loafers are a great alternative to ballet flats. Not to shame a great style, since ballets flats are a classic in an office and casual setting alike, but it is good to take a break now and then.

The hottest designs

Our women's loafers are slim-lined and stylish. We have a number of these that come with cool laser cut-outs. From a practical standpoint, these allow feet breathability during long hours of wear. With aesthetics in mind, the laser cut-outs add a whole new level of style. And, with a slight heel on most of our women's loafers, you get some more exciting shaping for your feet and lower legs alike. We have silver, gold, natural, white and black styles, to name a few.

The new travel shoe

Who would have guessed that women's loafers would become a top travel shoe? We expect to be exploring all day or walking long distances, with the only chances to put your feet up when you stop for food or head back to where you are staying. Unless snow or beaches are on the cards, most people imagine sneakers, sandals, boots, and the like as travel shoes. But recently, men's and women's loafers have been a hit for people on holiday. It makes sense— you need something more stylish than sandals, sturdier than ballet flats, and more formal than sneakers. That is where women's loafers come in. Women's loafers are hardy enough to handle a long day, and they look great in pictures.

The final word

Women's loafers are great for formal and casual wear. You will want to wear them as much on the weekends as you do in the office. With so many styles and colours to choose from, there is something for everyone. They have even made an impact as travelling shoes. Get your next women's loafers at Spendless!