Why Flats Are Quickly Becoming The Corporate Shoe Of Choice!

Women’s flats are the leading choice for corporate shoes this season. Do you want to know why? Despite the long tradition of court shoes, kitten heels, pumps, and other heeled work shoes are quickly losing their place as the standout favourites. The reasons why women’s flats are suddenly taking centre stage might surprise you!

Comfort is one major point in their favour 

Stiletto and block heels bring a touch of elegance and formality to your work clothes, but they fall behind as far as comfort is concerned. That’s where women’s flats have the upper hand! Even the shortest, broadest, and most supportive heels can cause discomfort after a long and tiresome day on the job. Since women’s flats have flexible soles and no incline, they avoid the pressure and strain that would build up in your feet and legs if you wore something with a platform. You can trust our women’s flats to see you through the day without causing you sore feet.

Ease of wear is also essential to their success

How do you get to work in the morning? Driving your car, walking on the street, and standing up in moving bus or train is much simpler with women’s flats on your feet. There are plenty of ways you might get to work in the morning, but far fewer shoe styles that are up to the task. If you don’t want to start your day off in a bad mood, then you’ll appreciate how women’s flats can make your transit to work smoother.

Not only that, but these simple shoes are far more accessible to get around in while you’re at work too! Women’s flats will keep you feeling good and ready for anything. Heels are alright for ladies who spend their day behind a desk, but anyone who has to stand through meetings or move frequently will find them a challenge.

Achy feet and tight muscles from wearing heels start to drain on your energy after a while, but women’s flats give you all-day endurance, which is why they’re the superior pick!

You can find dressy styles that look professional

One reason why some ladies stick to wearing uncomfortable heels to work is that they think women’s flats are formal enough. However, this couldn’t be more wrong! At Spendless Shoes, we have dozens of sophisticated women’s flats that got modelled after our best-selling heeled styles. As such, you can find your way to smart and polished looking pair in no time.

Our sling-back women’s flats are one example

These pointy-toed shoes have the look of our vintage sling-back heels, and both make gorgeous corporate shoes. We have some block colour designs that are easy to wear over and over during the week, as well as ones with leopard spots and snakeskin patterns. Sling-back women’s flats are the sort of shoes that you can wear in any season. They’ll look amazing with work pants or dresses, so you have total freedom to style them.

Loafers are a popular pick too

When it comes to quintessential women’s flats, loafers are a top contender. With their trendy square-cut toes and smooth finish, loafers are perfect for ladies who work in formal offices. Women’s flats of this kind are a smart pairing with work pants and power suits. And, like our other soft-soled shoes, you can spend a day in these with absolute ease.

Which of our women’s flats will you be taking home this season? 

We know we can find you the ultimate work shoes, so visit us today. There are so many styles you can try, so have a look at your options online now, or visit us at your local store! Swap your heels for women’s flats and reap the benefits!