Why Espadrilles Should Be Your Staple Shoe This Summer

Get Ready For Summer With Espadrilles!

Are you looking for the latest thing for your wardrobe? Need something fresh and fun to breathe life back into your collection? It's time you checked out a pair of espadrilles from Spendless Shoes! Our diverse range can offer a look for everyone that perfectly balances style and function. So, here's a quick glimpse at the fantastic espadrilles we have featured online and in stores!

Get 2018's must-have look!

It's no secret that espadrilles are dominating the heel game in 2018! These stunning wedges are an instant go-to for every occasion, whether it be a casual weekend or a special event. They look great with everything from skirts and dresses to pants and playsuits. If you want the latest, most fashionable looks this spring and summer, then espadrilles are just what you need!

Long-lasting comfort

First, there's the comfort factor. Unlike slimmer heels or stilettos, espadrilles have a thick block base. Not only does this provide a broad surface for you to balance on, but they also allow your weight to get evenly distributed through your legs; this should minimise cramping or regular aches and pains while you wear your espadrilles. That means you can wear them for more extended periods of time without muscle strain or fatigue occurring. If you have a big night planned or need a style that can go from dusk until dawn, then pack your espadrilles!

Shoes to fit your style

You can find espadrilles to suit your aesthetic in a second! At Spendless Shoes, our dream is to help our customers find their perfect pair every time! We have all sorts of espadrilles available, so you can get the one that best appeals to you!

We have types with rope inlaid to the platform for a cool textured finish; this can add an extra element of style to any look. Otherwise, we also have espadrilles with smooth and sleek synthetic finishes, for a chic feel.

When it comes to the straps, you have an even bigger range of options with your espadrilles. How about a soft faux suede style, or shiny leather-look finish? How about a glittering diamante band across the toes, for another touch of glamour? Whether you want something sweet and casual to wear out and about or an eye-catching pair for a formal occasion, Spendless has espadrilles to fit!

Now, what about colour? We love espadrilles in complementary colours this year! You can find styles in black, natural, and tan. These will match perfectly with patterns, prints, neutrals, fluorescents— you name it!

A choice of fastenings

At Spendless Shoes, our espadrilles come in two main types. Both of these variations are easy to adjust to fit as you like. As it stands, you can choose between our lace-up ankle ties or buckled straps. So, which is the right style for you?

Espadrilles with buckled ankle straps are ideal for a fast fit-on. You can tighten or loosen the straps as you like and as you go! Plus, these are sure to keep your feet secure as long as you have your shoes on. This year, we love square buckles.

Tie-up or lace-up espadrilles are perfect for accentuating your ankles and calves. You can tie these as low or high up your legs as you like, and your strappy espadrilles will look gorgeous regardless. Not to mention, these bring a fun feel and trendy look!

Ready to go shopping?

Jump online or come to see us in one of our stores today! Whether it is over our LiveChat feature or in person, our friendly team can answer any of your questions. Get the latest look (and the perfect pair of espadrilles) when you shop at Spendless Shoes!