Why Block Heels Have Made A Fashionable Comeback!

The Hottest Style Of Heel At Spendless 

Why have block heels made a fashionable comeback? The real question is— why were they ever gone? For a style you can wear for hours on end comfortably, there is no competition with block heels. These are the perfect pick for all kinds of events and settings, which makes them a go-to in any woman's wardrobe. With all the hottest looks of the season, Spendless Shoes has the block heels for you!

The comfort factor

Block heels from Spendless come in many different heights, which means anyone can find their perfect fit. However, no matter the size, the most significant advantage of block heels will always be the long-lasting comfort.

The broad, sturdy base on our block heels helps reduce cramps and muscle fatigue that sometimes occurs with stilettos. Not only are they less challenging to walk in, given the larger platform, but they also distribute your body weight more evenly too! That means less pressure on the ankles, and more dancing for you!

Going for the stable option

Since they have a broader base than a stiletto, our block heels are more versatile and better for outdoor events. You can cross over squishy lawns or stand on decks without being worried about slipping or sinking. And, since block heels can move you from venue to venue more comfortably and confidently, it should be no wonder why more girls are choosing them!

Style in the workplace

Low block heels and mules have been making a name for themselves in the world of corporate wear for 2018. Then again, it's not very hard to see why! Mules and short block heels will have you feeling like you're wearing your favourite summer sandals at work. These are just as airy and cool for your feet on scorching hot days, but bring a level of sophistication that you cannot get with regular slides. You can wear low block heels with your favourite summer outfits, whether it's everyday dresses, work skirts or shorts, or even a trendy jumpsuit.

The perfect choice for parties

As much as we love block heels for all-day casual wear or in your work wardrobe, block heels will always take the cake at parties and special events. They are elegant, trendy, and a steady companion from dusk until dawn.

Block heels from Spendless come in so many different styles that it can be hard to choose one! We have pointy-toed styles that shape and slim your feet, flattering lace-up styles that slink up your calves, sparkly styles with rhinestones and diamantes, and beautiful wedge espadrilles to boost your up! You even have luxurious faux suede, smooth synthetic, glossy patent, and other materials to pick as well!

Any of these styles would be the perfect pick for a formal event, wedding, birthday celebration, work function, or a night out on the town.

Zippers, buckles, or straps?

At Spendless Shoes, you have your pick of fastenings. While it may seem like a last-minute design feature, the fastener on your block heels can have a significant impact on your overall enjoyment and experience with them.

A buckled or lace-up design could be the difference between your block heels lasting a few fashion seasons or one. With these flexible options, you can customise your comfort and loosen or tighten your shoes as needed.

Slip-on styles and zip-up block heels, on the other hand, have the advantage of a speedy slide onto your feet— if you live fast and need a look that can keep up, then these quick fastenings will be a fabulous pick for you.

There's no reason to wait!

Hop online or come into a Spendless store, and get a look at our block heels today!