Where Can I Find A Wide Variety Of Men’s Shoes?

Wide Variety Of Mens Shoes 

At Spendless you can always count on getting the look for less, but what about the perfect pairing? We have just what you have been looking for if you are on the hunt for your essential casual men's shoes. We love providing our customers with the newest and best options, which is why we have decided to give a quick overview of our casual men's shoes today. Ready to get started?

Boat style

These have been an unexpected hit in the world of casual men's shoes. Then again, you can see the appeal. Boat-style casual men's shoes have all the comfort of a trainer or sneaker, but with a finish that is just a little bit dressy. You may not be mistaking them for a proper formal style with a sleek and glossy coating, but the stitched detailing and cool exposed laces give our boat-style casual men's shoes that little something extra.

These are the perfect option for guys who want add a relaxed feel to a formal get-up, or who want a trendier look than a regular comfort slide.


These are light-weight, breathable, and have a trendy design. The enclose style is perfect for extra protection around your feet and toes. We think these casual men's shoes look fantastic with some stylish chinos and your favourite shirts.


When it comes to casual men's shoes for the intrepid outdoorsman, these are the perfect fit! With sturdy soles for excellent grip on slippery or wet surfaces, our reef-walker inspired sandals will keep you safe and sure of your steps. If you want something to take onto the boat, beach, jetty, dunes, or off the beaten path, then our sturdy sandals are the ideal choice. On a hot summery day, when you need something fast and easy to slide into, our casual men's shoes will do the trick!


Finally, we have some trendy Birkenstock-inspired casual men's shoes! These come with the signature square-buckled and dually strapped look that so many people have come to love. You can enjoy long-lasting comfort with these casual men's shoes thanks to their grooved outsole and contoured innersole. These look great with everything from jeans and jackets to shorts and tops. If you want the latest look and a go-to pair of casual men's shoes for the warmer weather, then these are the ones for you!

We love these casual men's shoes so much, they even have doppelgangers in the women's and kids' sections!

Woven top

If you want casual men's shoes that lean closer toward the formal styles, then this hybrid is just the thing to consider. With a woven upper for trend and breathability, this is an airy-feeling style that will work trans-seasonally. The enclosed toes add to the allure, providing cover for your feet without smothering them.

The only real debate with these woven casual men's shoes is whether or not you want to wear socks with them! For our two cents worth, these casual men's shoes could be a fresh set to pair with your favourite patterned socks. Otherwise, you can give your everyday wear a laidback and confident vibe by flashing a bare ankle under some fitted pants.

So, which pair of casual men's shoes will you be taking home?

Get the look for less at Spendless, and the best styles around. If you want casual men's shoes that are trendy and feel great, then come and visit us to get a good look at your options. Browse to your pleasure online anytime, or let our friendly team members take care of you when you visit a store.