When You Need Simple No Fuss Work Boots Spendless Shoes Has You Covered

When You Need Simple No Fuss Work Boots Spendless Shoes Has You Covered

Work boots.

They are essential for jobs in industry, construction, include heavy lifting, or have hazards like machinery and large vehicles. If your workplace lists work boots down as a requirement, you know you need to find the perfect pair, fast. Most people keep themselves to one or two pairs of work boots, given the price and difficulty of finding quality shoes. In all likelihood, you'll be spending a good few days per week in the same set of work boots, so it's vital you get the right ones.

Spendless Shoes has an entire section of work boots, built for heavy duty wear, and ready to get you the look for less. With different colours and styles to pick from, it might be hard to decide off the bat. Here is some quick information on the pros and cons of typical work boots.


First, there is the classic pull-on boots. These styles typically feature tabs at the front, back, or both, to assist in sliding on speedily. There will be no need to do the classic work boot hop-skip-and-jump to get them on. Like a stylish Chelsea boot, a pull on boot usually boasts elastic side gussets, which make the fit more forgiving and adaptable to your foot. Tread is another essential feature when choosing work boots, and the grip is built to impress. Comfortable and practical, these boots give a look you can get away with when you wear them off-site as well.


Another of our favourite styles is a lace-up boot. These work boots are padded around the ankle to provide extra protection. The padding around the heel collar will not cause mobility issues by being too bulky. Instead, it lifts the comfort to new levels. Since these kinds are fit with laces, you can quickly adjust the boot and fit it to your satisfaction. Metallic eyelets have dual functions, keeping the laces in place and preventing wear and tear from occurring. You're also less likely to end up with surprises in your shoes at the end of the day— with laces and extra padding, you have the option of tightening the boot, so there is no risk of unwanted materials falling inside. Boots in this style are extremely durable, built for hard wearing, and Australian Safety Standard approved. Anyone who needs to safeguard their feet should look into these work boots.

The colours

When it comes to colouring, the choice is yours entirely. We have styles in much-loved black, tans, and in yellower tones. Consider the amount of dust, dirt, mud, or other substances you are likely to come across in your workplace when selecting the colour of your shoes.


Prices range from $39.99 to $69.99, but the quality never wavers. You can get your next pair without breaking the bank, at a store near you, or from our online shop.

Special features

All styles are made with shock absorption and slip resistance in mind so that you can feel safe and secure in your work boots. Whether you are a tradesman, a construction worker, or deal with heavy machinery, Spendless Shoes has the styles for you. Many of these work boots also come with steel cap toes, customised to protect your vulnerable little toes from the unexpected.

While Spendless Shoes does offer vegan-friendly boots styles, our work boots tend to include leather, particularly on the upper. Any shoes made with leather will either have this signified by a banner or somewhere in the shoe description.

And that's that! Your no-stress guide the basics of work boots is officially over.

Stay safe, and good luck.