When Should You Buy Your Kids New School Shoes?

When is the best time to buy new school shoes for the kids?

The most obvious answer to that question is: when you need them. Unfortunately, life is rarely that straightforward. There are all sorts of reasons why you might need to buy kids’ school shoes at a less-than-optimal time for yourself. Spendless is going to cover every possibility in this little guide today. Hopefully, we’ll be able to help you to a new pair of kids’ school shoes when you need them the most. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Ideally, you should get kids’ school shoes before they head back from holidays

Not only will you catch the best back-to-school prices, but you also ensure that your children head into the classroom with clean and comfy kids’ school shoes. Most parents hold off of buying a new pair until this point, so it’s a favourite sale time for retailers. Unfortunately, this is also when kids’ school shoes are in demand. You want to get in fast, or you’ll be fighting a crowd for the sizes and styles.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of our Click and Collect option in this case. You can shop online for the kids’ school shoes that you want and select a store specifically for pick-up. Once it’s ready, you can head to the store and have your child try the kids’ school shoes on before you go. Not only can you check the fit is correct and cosy, but you also avoid a lengthy visit or queue in a crowded shop.

However, we always have styles stocked!

Unlike other retailers, who only carry kids’ school shoes during the pre-term rush, Spendless has them available at all times in the year. You can rely on our collection to contain something comfy that your children can wear with their uniform. Even though we offer great discounts and promotions for kids’ school shoes before the term begins again, you can always get footwear at affordable prices. Our cheapest designs can suit any budget, even if they’re full-priced items. You don’t have to worry about conforming to a specific time window when you shop for kids’ school shoes at Spendless, so stop stressing!

Do you need new kids’ school shoes in the middle of a term? 

Growth spurts or ruined styles are usually to blame in this scenario. You don’t want to keep your little one in cramped kids’ school shoes any longer than you need to, after all. If your children can’t go another day with their current pair, then Spendless can get you a replacement as soon as you need it. If you are way too busy to stop in at one of our stores, then shopping online is a fantastic alternative.

You’ll see all our current styles and the information available to help make your selection. Our express shipping option will deliver your kids’ school shoes home in a flash, so your child can be ready for the classroom again in no time.

How can you get away with buying big styles in advance? 

You can buy our innersoles, of course! Plenty of parents opt to get their kids’ school shoes and let them grow into them, but you don’t want your children tripping over their toes while they’re waiting for a growth spurt. You can correct an over-large fit by adding innersoles to your kids’ school shoes. Inserts reduce the space inside the style and also add a cushioned base for comfort. These will fill the space and keep students cosy in the meantime.

Do you need kids’ school shoes soon?

Make sure you visit Spendless the next time you go shopping for them! Our affordable prices and excellent kids’ school shoes have got you covered.