What womens safety shoe is best for me?

A women's safety shoe is a must-have in the working woman's wardrobe.

Maybe you are a waitress, bartender, or fast food worker. There is a wide range of odd jobs and professions that require women's safety shoes as part of their uniform. If you work in hospitality or aged care, then you will be subjected to this at some point. If you are familiar with hunting down a great women's safety shoe, then you know what a hassle it can be. But finding the best style for you does not have to be a struggle. If you are trying to find a light, comfortable and durable women's safety shoe that fits well and looks fantastic, then Spendless Shoes has you covered.

When you are looking for a women's safety shoe, you have to look for a few things such as if it is certified, non-slip properties, durability and of course the fit. However, you do not have to look far because our Spendless website has an area dedicated to working shoes that also make a beautiful women's safety shoe.


One of the essential elements of a non-slip safety shoe for work is that it is legitimately certified. Spendless Shoes, Everflex, and Sure Step shoes have styles that have been specially designed with employees of hospitality and aged care industries in mind. As such, we have all the information on our women's safety shoe materials and features on our website. If you want extra information, feel free to peruse the webpage.

Non-slip properties

The next is ensuring that the women's safety shoe does have non-slip features such as a slip-resistant sole, oil resistant outsole, commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole, heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support and flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort. Spendless has all these non-slip properties ticked off and can find you a women's safety shoe that matches your requirements.


Oil and other slippery substances are a leading cause of falls and subsequent injuries in the workplace. Our women's safety shoe styles have oil resistant soles that are not just good for keeping your shoes clean, but also for stopping slips over oil as well. Fast food employees and other hospitality workers will love this particular feature.


Another thing to look for is durability, and a women's safety shoe from the Everflex Sure Step range will have heaps of padding on the sole to ensure your feet get the proper heel impact cushioning. Shock absorption is also a key feature of our women's safety shoe design. These additions will help reduce fatigue and muscular stress during long shifts at work.


The fit of your women's safety shoe is another important aspect when purchasing. If you work long hours or are frequently on your feet, the fit and feel of a women's safety shoe are going to be a significant factor on whether you enjoy wearing it or not. At Spendless Shoes, you can ensure you get the best fit for your feet one of two ways when you buy online with us. The first is by checking our sizing guide carefully. You will find comparisons for UK, EU, US, and Spendless sizes so figuring out the right size to order should be a breeze. Secondly, you can always order some of our excellent innersoles to help pad your women's safety shoe and also offer new levels of comfort. We have gel innersoles, thinner fabric supreme innersoles, and comfort foam innersoles.

Finding a women's safety shoe that looks good, is comfy, but is up to an exhausting day at work becomes easy when you shop at Spendless Shoes. Buy online to have the ultimate women's safety shoe delivered to your door, or visit our friendly team at a Spendless Shoes store today.