What to look for when buying men’s Hiking Boots

If you enjoy the great outdoors and hiking, then you are probably going to be looking for a durable hiking boot that you can take anywhere with you. Lucky for you Spendless Shoes is here to help you discover what to look for when buying your men's hiking shoes and boots.

Hiking shoes are great for outdoor activities and are especially great for what they are designed for, hiking. If you love the outdoors and you also love having the best possible comfort during outdoor activities, then you need to look at getting yourself a pair of hiking boots.

One great thing about hiking boots is that they are made with a serious tread for better grip than a pair of regular sneakers making them great for outdoor enthusiasts who love to go hiking, rock climbing or anywhere outdoors where you need a little bit more comfort, durability and grip.

On our Spendless website you can find hiking boots that will tailor to your needs and we currently stock low tops and high top hiking boots and have more styles coming in very soon.

What is the difference between high and low and what is the best for me?

There are two types of hiking boots, low and high cuts. The higher cut boots protect your ankles from sharp objects and thorns and also will keep your feet drier in those wet environments. High tops also allow for more support on your ankle so if you will be lifting or carrying a backpack around all day a good pair of high tops would give you more support on your ankles which will be beneficial.
A low cut hiking boot would be more beneficial for those day hikes or light backpacks because you will not be on your feet all day and you will not be carrying around a heavy bag. The low tops are also great because they will be more lightweight meaning more comfort for those shorter hikes and more comfortable for a general day hike rather than long-haul hikes which require more stability on your ankles.

So what are the best hiking boots for me?

When looking for the best men's hiking boot for you, you should consider what you will be using the footwear for. Will you be using it for a long trip with lots of walking while carrying a heavy backpack consistently during the day or will you be doing short day hikes where you will have a lighter bag? These are all questions to consider when purchasing hiking boots.
Our Spendless website has a range of hiking boots which can tailor to your needs and you can even visit us by locating one of our stores through our Store Locator on our website so that you can try your new hiking boots on to ensure they are right for you!