What To Look For In Men’s Shoes This Racing Season

Are you ready to stroll into spring and summer? Need some great styles to get you started? Shop men's casual shoes at Spendless for an early look into the season's latest trends. We have the looks for less and men's casual shoes to fit any foot.

So, let's get started with a little glimpse of our men's casual shoes, shall we?

Straight from the boatyard

Boat styles are coming in hot and fast for spring and summer in 2018. These are a fresh new take on men's casual shoes, with the best aspects of everyone's favourite sneakers and trainers, but with a more relaxed feel. Wear a pair of these a suave jacket and fitted pants, and you will have a laidback and confident look in seconds.

These men's casual shoes have all kinds of unique features that have helped elevate their popularity this year. One of the most noticeable additions is the contrast panelling, where the multi-coloured finish allows for more styling options. These men's casual shoes will also give you a taste of trendy stitch detailing, and have some laces peeking out of the sides for a carefree look.

Our sandals

When it comes to men's casual shoes, you cannot ignore our vast range of sandals. These are a must-have for any guy as we head into the hot weather. These are breathable, comfortable men's casual shoes that are perfect for the warm weather. The partially-enclosed styles have airflow and breathability to rival the open kinds, which means less sweat will build up in your men's casual shoes and cause odour.

Sandals from Spendless come with open or full-coverage options. The fully enclosed sandals come with velcro fastenings, which they are easy to clean and to keep on your feet. These typically come in tan, which is easy to match with other colours. Our favourite of these men's casual shoes are the gladiator styles, which can be dressed up or down at your discretion.

Slide into style

Our slides remain a customer favourite for men's casual shoes. Since the only have a single or dual strap, people are usually surprised to find the durable tread underneath. Rest assured, these men's casual shoes can take rougher wear than you might think.

We have fully waterproof PVC styles that will work for ocean wear, as a pair to slide into around the house, or for a day down at the beach. These are especially good for swelteringly hot days when socks have become downright unbearable.

Plus, you cannot beat this style for comfort. With a natural slip-on fit and elastic side gussets, these men's casual shoes allow feet of various widths to find a better feel inside.

Take a walk in the water

Many of our men's casual shoes are hybrids of our basic styles, and our tough sandals and reef-walkers are much the same. These have been reimagined for 2018, and fit with sturdy soles for the adventurous guys. These men's casual shoes should have a steady grip on wet rocks or slippery algae, and protect feet against sharp shells or other foot hazards on the beach. Of course, even with our fantastic men's casual shoes on your feet, we still recommend that you keep your toes away from crabs.

So, what will your perfect pair be?

If you want men's casual shoes, then you have come to the right place. You can come and visit us in a store or browse at your leisure online. Spendless is always ready to help find a fantastic fit for you, and the help you get the look for less. Get ready for spring and summer with a new pair of men's casual shoes.