What To Look For In A Stylish Pair Of Women’s Boots!

Is it time to start your search for a trendy pair of women's boots?

Spendless Shoes is waiting with your dream item! But, before you start adding anything into your shopping cart, we have to talk about the major design elements. Here are a few things to have on the brain as you peruse products so that you get the most out of your purchase!

If you’re picking up a heeled pair of women’s boots, then the one thing to think about is the height.

Depending on how comfortable you are with heels in the first place, this can have a significant influence on your overall experience. At Spendless Shoes, our heeled women’s boots get built for ease of wear and utilise a sturdy block base. Not only is this effortless to balance and walk on, but it also makes a bold profile for your feet. So, which might work the best for you?

We recommend basing your decision on the formality of the situation and the length of the event. The higher you put your women’s boots, the more elegant and classy they will feel, but be sure you choose something that won’t tire you out after an hour or two if the festivities are scheduled to last well into the evening.

Are you on the prowl for the most fashionable women’s boots in 2019? It’d be remiss to pass over a print this season!

Spendless Shoes and every other retailer has gone wild for animal patterns, and leopard prints are the obvious go-to. The warm-toned spots will liven up your women’s boots and cold-weather wardrobe at once. These are fun, eye-catching, and an on-the-spot fashion statement. So, what’s not to love?

Of course, we have another gorgeous animal-inspired look slithering its way up to our list of most popular picks— snakeskin women’s boots! If you prefer to keep your shades cold during wintery weather, then these icy scales are the way to do it. Pair either of these patterned women’s boots with a matching accessory or clothing item to tie the ensemble together.

Try women’s boots with that little-something-extra!

Studs, zippers, and buckles are a fun twist on your conventional picks and a style upgrade. As classic as smooth synthetic or faux suede pairs is, we can’t say no to some edgy embellishments either! Grunge is big in 2019, and nothing adds attitude to women’s boots like a trail of silver studs or extra hardware. Give your next set a subtle lift and get a look that fuses fashion and features flawlessly. We think that combat or biker styles will be a hit at festivals and concerts, so if you’re heading out for an action-packed weekend, then you’d better get these women’s boot on your feet!

Finally, what about the length of the women’s boots themselves?

Picking an ankle-high, calf-length, or an over-the-knee design has a massive impact on your overall aesthetic. Ankle-grazing women’s boots are the ultimate trans-seasonal set and look lovely with everything from skirts to pants. If you want to wear a style anytime during the year, then choose these shoes! Women’s boots that stop before the calf look gorgeous with jeans, but we think they make a pleasing pair with an oversized sweater dress too. But, if you’re all about making a statement and turning heads, then thigh-high styles are the only option. Try your women’s boots this winter in cosy faux suede when you go out and party!

We hope that was helpful!

Head over to your local Spendless Shoes for a closer look at our range of women’s boots in 2019. Otherwise, shopping online is convenient and delivers fast. Have fun and enjoy spending less on your next women’s boots!