What To Look For In A Stylish Pair Of Men’s Boots!

Are you looking for some fast styling tips for your winter men’s boots?

Spendless Shoes is here to help! Forget about being overwhelmed by the range of options or getting stressed out. We’ve consolidated and summarised the four things to remember next time you shop for men’s boots. Read on for all the details:

1) The right material

The finish of a pair of men’s boots can make all the difference to the aesthetic and formality of the design. Glossy and high-shine materials project the feel of classic dress shoes, while matte synthetic styles bring a relaxed air. As such, they can have a massive influence on the complete look of an outfit. Remember to consider this carefully the next time that you shop for a special occasion.

If you don’t have a specific event in mind at the time you buy your men’s boots, then this becomes a question of personal preference. Consider the kind of finish you have on existing leather-look items, like a wallet or belt. If you coordinate these with your men’s boots, it will tie the look together.

2) Colours you can pair with your current wardrobe

Something we pride ourselves on at Spendless Shoes is our ability to make fashion affordable and accessible for everyone. In terms of styling, colour plays a vital role in men’s boots and their amalgamation with your clothes. Black and brown men’s boots are our prime options, and both are ready-to-use matches with everything from vibrant shades to patterns.

Black men’s boots are archetypal with dark suits at formal events during winter and provide more warmth and coverage for your feet than low-cut dress shoes. Alternatively, brown is a stylish pick for guys who like their men’s boots to stand out and be a point of difference.

3) Versatility

It should go without saying, but your next pair of men’s boots should get their fair share of wear. Why waste money on a set of shoes that you only take out once? At Spendless Shoes, we have flexible designs can dress for any occasion, so feel free to have fun and experiment.

4) A fastening that fits you

The clasps are small but crucial detail to consider when you select men’s boots. It may not seem important from the onset, but the way your shoes go on and off of your feet can transform your enjoyment of them. After all, each pair has its unique qualities.

Pull-on men’s boots come with elastic side panels which stretch to fit your feet. These are fast and convenient for guys who are always moving, and gradually contour themselves to your unique shape.

However, if you want to adjust the tightness or looseness of your men’s boots, then lace-up designs work better. The laced upper of our shoes can be changed and modified whenever you need, but transition onto your feet with a side zipper. If your feet tend to swell after a day of walking or standing, then men’s boots with laces will be your new best friends.

Finally, we also have traditional zip-up shoes. If you love decorative improvements (like intricately stitched lining), then this is how you get it. Just zip up or zip down these men’s boots and go on your way!

So, which of these options takes your fancy?

Have a look at all of the men’s boots on offer when you flick through styles online or visit us in store. If you still have questions, our friendly team members would be glad to assist you. So, why wait? Take home a marvellous pair of men’s boots at a price you’ll love today!