What is the best style of ladies Bridal shoes?

Bridal shoes. Whether they are for the bride, bridesmaids, or for you while attending, what are the best styles of bridal shoes? Could it be heels? Flats? Ankle boots?


Heels are essential bridal shoes at every wedding and for any attendee. There are so many types of heels that one can choose. Block heels, high heels, low heels, wedges and mules are all popular styles of bridal shoes. What is so great about heeled bridal shoes is that with so many kinds available, you are sure to find your perfect pair!
Block heels make great bridal shoes because they allow you a little more comfort than a stiletto. Our block heels come in a range of colours such as black, white, nude, rose gold, pink and red. As well as this, these block heels are not always overly tall—we carry a range of shorter kitten heels so that you can find suitable shoes at a height that work for you. Bridal shoes with kitten heels come in a whole spectrum of colours such as red, black, natural and rose gold.

Our tallest bridal shoes are our sleek stiletto styles. Stilettos are great bridal shoes for weddings because they are chic and stylish. Heel lovers will always feel at home in these.
Shoes with low heels are another standout style for a wedding, as they allow you to have a bit of height, but keep maximum comfort in mind. You can get the look without sacrificing comfort. In fact, these low heels can even make you feel like you are wearing flats.

Finally, we have bridal shoes in wedge and mule styles. Wedges and mules are considered much dressier than years ago. Anyone who has ever attended a wedding will know that the best bridal shoes can still lead to aches and pains. When you spend all day on your feet, taking photos, and moving about, a mule or wedge heel might be just what you need to tough it out. The support they offer with their chunky heel provides foot support, as well as allowing you to move about all day without the need to take them off.


If you dread the thought of bridal shoes with any heel whatsoever, you can also choose our range of flats. We have a dedicated area to flat bridal shoes, which include an array of styles and colours such as rose gold, silver, natural. These stunning flats can even pack some bling. There is very little chance of you getting sore feet in these. Plus, they can also be used again and again after your wedding.

Ankle Boots

Boots are a new and exciting twist on regular bridal shoes. Ankle boots, specifically. A winter wedding, or one in a country setting, could be one where the party finds ankle boots more than acceptable. So if it is cold, need something sturdier in the terrain, or want to add a different style to your wedding attire, then boots are perfect to have! Just be sure to consult the rest of the bridal party, of course.
In short, at Spendless, we offer bridal shoes that can work for any wedding. Whether you are a part of the bridal party, just attending, or are walking down the aisle yourself. Come and find us on the Spendless website, where you will be able to find a perfect pair of bridal shoes for your wedding!