What Is A Block Heel?

What are block heels?

To understand this particular type of platform, we’ve got a bit to tell you about it. Every retailer defines their styles a little differently, after all! Spendless Shoes is here to walk you through the fundamental characteristics of our block heels, the things that make them so successful, and a few of the types we recommend this season. These shoes have some of our favourite designs, so you don’t want to miss out! If you’re ready to learn everything you need to know about block heels, then we advise you to keep on reading! 

What are the basics? 

In essence, block heels are shoes with broad bases. Unlike stilettos (which have thin points for you to balance on), you can expect these platforms to bring better support and stability. The width of your block heels varies from slender bases to a full wedge, so there’s plenty of variety available on our shelves.

Why do people like block heels so much?  

As we’ve mentioned before, platforms like these are more supportive and stable than skinny styles. The ease of wear is the main selling point for most people, especially ones who have trouble spending more than a few hours in stilettos. Block heels are the natural choice for formal shoes if you need to wear them outdoors, dancing, or to a long-lasting event. 

Not only that, but they’re gorgeous too! 

The practicality of block heels isn’t the only reason that they’re so popular with our customers. We have casual and glamorous styles that can be game-changers in anyone’s wardrobe. Whether you want something timeless and classic that you can wear again, or something modern and fresh to revitalize your look, Spendless Shoes has block heels ready to go! Stilettos may get glorified as the formal-shoes-of-choice, but our broad-based shoes come in all the same looks, so you never have to sacrifice style for comfort. 

Self-tie block heels are some of our favourites

If you’ve been following the latest trends of the last year, you’ll already know that long self-tie straps are a popular choice. We’ve brought this look to our faux suede block heels so that you can enjoy it too. The glamorous and fun feel of these strappy shoes means you can dress these up or down as you like. How great is that? 

Our mid-high looks are classic too

You’ll find plenty of variations in our 2019 range! Block heels in this design feel more like sandals than cocktail shoes, so they look great with casual clothes. We recommend putting these under some cuffed denim jeans (or shorts) and a cute crop top. This combination will create a stylish ready-for-the-weekend look that you can wear out whenever! Plus, the lower block heels will make sure you stay comfier for longer while you’re catching up with friends or out on the town!

Elevate your look with our structured styles 

Half-enclosed block heels can bring some attitude to your look! At Spendless Shoes, we’re offering ones with laced upper, woven texture, hole-punched material, and much more! If you’re sad to see your ankle boots go once autumn and winter are over, then these block heels will be a welcome alternative in the warmer months! The half-open design looks trendy, and it also keeps your feet from getting too hot. So, why wouldn’t you take these bold block heels home for summer? 

You can find even more styles at Spendless today!

If you’re feeling inspired to buy some new block heels, then have a look at our website soon. Or, if you’re still making your mind up, feel free to read our articles and get some more advice. Now that you know so much about block heels, it’s time you got yours!