What Are The Most Comfortable Men’s Sandals?

Have you been searching high and low for a new set of men’s sandals?

Start your summer the right way with the proper pair for you! There are so many types of men's sandals and various versions that you might like to try from our shelves. But since we don’t want to waste your time with too many words, we’ll get straight to the point! Down below, we have styles of men’s sandals split into their categories and ideal settings. Even if you have no inkling of what you want during your next shop, we’ll get you on your way in no time. Now, keep reading! 

Do you spend your summer by the pool or at the beach?

Our PVC thongs will do the trick! These waterproof men’s sandals won’t wear down in the water, so feel free to dunk them in the water now and then. They rinse off and dry quickly, so there’s nothing to worry about if they get dirty either. Our thong-style men’s sandals come with enough of a sole to protect your feet from sharp shells and similar foot hazards. Of course, if you only want to avoid searing your skin on hot asphalt on your way to an ice cream from your local shop, then these men’s sandals will work too. Slide these onto your feet and get some sunshine this season! 

Are you planning on fishing, camping, or getting outdoors?

Spendless Shoes has hard-wearing men’s sandals, and they’re an ideal substitute for sneakers and boots when the temperature skyrockets. These styles get secured by a series of touch-fastening straps, so they transition on and off of your feet promptly. You can also customise the straps for a looser or tighter fit, so there’s little chance of discomfort slowing you down. Despite their partially-enclosed designs, our airy reef-walkers and other men’s sandals have excellent air circulation and breathability, so sweaty feet can be a thing of the past! Our reef-walkers have enough grip to tackle algae-covered rock pools or brave seaweed piles. And, since this type of men’s sandals has extra security from the straps, you won’t lose them to sinking sand or rough surf. These shoes will also survive thorns, scrubland, and rocky paths too. We can’t recommend these men’s sandals enough for fishers and campers! 

Would you prefer a casual style?

Stylish men’s sandals from Spendless Shoes aren’t challenging to find either! We have two great designs that might catch your fancy this year. 

First, there are our Birkenstock-inspired styles. When you want something comfy, trendy, and convenient, these are the sandals to choose. Men’s sandals in this style have buckled top straps which keep them looking modern and fresh, while the shaped innersoles create a cosy fit. The slip-on design means that you can kick-off (or chuck on) your men’s sandals at your leisure too. These are a breeze at casual or semi-formal events during summer. 

Second, we have our retro slides. These are simple, flexible, and have a single thick band on top. Pair men’s sandals of this sort with denim shorts (or something patterned, if you’re feeling adventurous!) and a favourite t-shirt. Unlike the previous style, you may not want to wear these out to a fancy restaurant. Still, our slides and similar men’s sandals are a great choice for everyday wear. You won't find a better pair for catching up with friends or making the most of your weekend. 

We hope this was a helpful start!

Continue your men’s sandals shopping with Spendless Shoes online or in one of our stores. You’ll be amazed by the styles that we have on offer. Have fun spending less this season and get the perfect men’s sandals for your collection!