What Are The Most Comfortable Heels To Wear On A Night Out?

What Are The Most Comfortable Heels To Wear On A Night Out?

Women's heels are an essential requirement at almost every formal, dressy, or party event. It is all fun and games until someone's feet start cramping. Face it— as glorious and gorgeous as women's heels are, they are not always the most comfortable. But does it have to be like that? Spendless Shoes is always looking for ways to improve our customer's experiences with us. If you come home from a late night out and pull off your shoes vowing: "I'll never wear these again!", then something down the line has gone wrong with your women's heels.

It is time to trade your stilettos for something thicker

In essence, the most comfortable women's heels are ones with a stable, supportive foundation. Say sorry to your stilettos (they might be allowed back on during photos), because the best women's heels have to be ones with block or platform bases. The thicker your women's heels are, the more surface contact they have with the ground, and the more evenly your weight distributes. More support, less discomfort. 

Our preferred styles

On a night out, you are going to want women's heels with a little more bravado than usual. Or instant recommend has to be some form of ankle boot. If you have your heart set of women's heels, ankle boots are a great option because they protect your feet. Depending on where your night takes you (pubs, clubs, restaurants), the terrain may get a little unforgiving. Open-toed women's heels look lovely, but you would probably prefer having a drink spilt on the surface of your water-resistant synthetic boots than on your bare skin. Beyond that, structured or strappy women's heels can be a nice touch if your outfit is a little looser and airy— ankle boots are fantastic, but they can look heavy under a party outfit, so either pick lighter colours or find something to break it up.

Preventing and alleviating pain using accessories

Let's be real a second. When most people hear things like "innersoles" and "shoe inserts", their minds either jump to little old ladies or kids with foot problems, not to a handy accessory to wear with their women's heels. Want to know the truth? Innersoles are amazing with women's heels, and if you think you cannot wear them out of some misguided sense of pride, you are only hurting yourself. Now, if you plan on wearing women's heels on your night out, innersoles or gel cushions are just what you need to keep yourself going.

Gel cushions and gel innersoles have the most intense effect on foot pain. They reduce stress on joints, absorb shock, and provide arch support. Not only can this help ease regular aches and pains from women's heels, but it can also prevent pressure building up in the ball of your foot. Our half innersoles come in white and black, which means they slide in sneakily are rarely spotted while you wear them. Spendless gel cushions for women's heels are translucent, so despite being thicker than half innersoles, they are harder to see.
One more time for the ladies in the back: innersoles are amazing with women's heels!

So, what have we learned?

If you are heading out this weekend in a pair of women's heels, make it ankle boots, platforms, or something with a sturdy base. Leave the stilettos at home, or bring shoes to change into later. Last but not least, give some serious thought to trying gel cushions or innersoles with your women's heels when you go out. They are cosy, reusable, and might stop you from limping for the next week while the blisters fade and your poor feet recover. Find your perfect pair at Spendless Shoes.