Wedding Shoes: Your Guide For Finding The Perfect Pair

On the lookout for wedding shoes this spring? Spendless has got you covered.

For the groomsmen

At Spendless, we have wedding shoes to fit groomsmen of all tastes. We have slip-on styles that are perfect to throw on during a rush, laced styles you can adjust for a better fit, shiny leather-look boots, trendy sandals, and many more. These come in glossy black and tan or soft faux suede finishes.

Kids' styles

Finding wedding shoes for kids can be tough. Often they are almost as expensive as the adult styles, even though they are around three times smaller. Thankfully, you always get the look for less at Spendless.
Girls can find a mixture of flats, sandals, wedges and even little heels for formal events. These wedding shoes come primarily in white and silver, but with rose gold and other trendy colours thrown in here and there. Boys have their pick of high-fashion sandals, dressy wedding shoes, and even little boots.
Size is no problem for tiny feet, as we also cater to toddlers and babies with our Pre-Walker wedding shoes.

Lastly, the ladies

Wedding shoes for women embody all of our best styles and looks. This season, diamanté decoration is one prominent feature to watch out for, whether it is the entire finish or a single band across a toe strap. We have sandals and other flat wedding shoes fit for a ceremony on the beach. Wedges, block heels, and stilettos are also top picks from the category. White remains the favourite, as you can imagine, but bright metallic tones such as rose gold have been making a strong case for themselves too.

So, how do you find the perfect wedding shoes out of all these options?

Now that is a good question! How do you sort through so many different styles and come up with the perfect pair of wedding shoes for you? At Spendless Shoes, we have decided to focus on the comfort aspect.
It stands to reason, then, that the perfect pair of wedding shoes might be the kind with accessories.

What sort of accessories?

Let's start with Starlettos, shall we? These a unique brand of heel stoppers, and, as the name suggests, they are geared closer to stilettos and other wedding shoes with thin heels. These fit onto the end of your heels and provide a broader base to stand on. If the venue has lawn, garden, rocky, or wide-paved features, then having a pair of these tucked into your bag will be an instant relief.

Starlettos will prevent slips and stumbles on these uneven surfaces, making it far more comfortable for you to walk and move across them. That way, you can focus on the wedding and on having fun, as opposed to worrying about how badly you are going to roll your ankle when your heels get caught on something. You can make a nice pair of stilettos into the perfect, easy-to-wear wedding shoes just by adding Starlettos!

Beyond that, we also have some inserts and cushions that can keep your feet cosy inside your wedding shoes. Heel grips can provide a spongy base to slide your foot onto, as well as correcting the sizing for a proper fit. Half innersoles and gel cushions are subtle and hard to spot, but provide that much-desired cushioning and comfort for your feet.

When it comes to wedding shoes, of the most crucial aspects has got to be the comfort.

You can have the most stunning looking wedding shoes prepared for the big day, but if they cause you aches and pains, then what is the point? Get the look for less at Spendless, and the most comfortable wedding shoes.