Ways You Can Wear Block Heels In Winter

There’s no reason that you can’t showcase a cute pair of block heels and keep warm at the same time!

There’s no reason that you can’t showcase a cute pair of block heels and keep warm at the same time! Spendless Shoes is here to offer you a glimpse at a few of our favourite seasonal styles. But, before we get into any design recommendations, we’ve got to go over a few things. So, settle in, and let us talk you through some fundamental facts about block heels!

Why are block heels recommended for events? 

Unlike stilettos, which place your entire body weight onto a petite pressure-gathering point, these thicker-based party shoes spread the load. As such, you can spend hours in even the tallest block heels and still enjoy their comfortable feel. While we don’t recommend a full night of dancing, standing, or jumping in ultra-high styles, block heels are your best bet for seeing the celebrations through to the end.

What is our range like, in terms of sizes and heights?

At Spendless Shoes, we spoil our customers with choices of block heels. Our platforms start from as short as two centimetres to as staggeringly tall as twelve centimetres. That means ladies with all levels of experience (and confidence) wearing block heels have an abundance of options from the get-go. Beyond that, we also have mules, espadrille wedges, and several other unique designs incorporated into our collection. Whether you love timeless looks or top-hits of fashion week, Spendless block heels can get you sorted.

Now, let’s get to the fun part! Here are some of our favourites for winter and autumn!

In windy weather, rainstorms, and cold snaps, we think that booted block heels are a must-have item. They keep your feet warm and dry, match flawlessly with your cold-weather clothing, and are super comfortable. And, since our boot-style block heels add an extra level of elegance to any look, they will be a welcome addition to your event collection! Spendless has ankle-high, knee-high, and thigh-high boots ready and waiting for you!

Over-the-Knee Block Heels

These look gorgeous with skirts or dresses, especially when you throw a warm winter coat over the top. Since their material covers you up to your thighs, you know you’ll stay warm even with short-cut clothing. Putting block heels like these with a little party dress is also a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd and elevate your look!

Calf-High Boots

A mid-length set will be a pretty mix a skirt or dress, but they can also go on top of pants. The block heels on these are typically on the short side, so they work best as an every-day pair instead of going-out ones. You will get a little height boost and some shaping for your legs, while also maintaining a comfy feel. Try yours with your favourite jeans and a knitted jumper!

Ankle-High Designs

Now, for our most trans-seasonal booted block heels. These styles go with anything and everything! Plus, these are also the most decorative and diverse of our boot range. Whether you love animal prints, grunge décor, feature straps, faux fur, or the edgy look of beefy block heels, you’ll find your dream pair in no time! If you go for ankle boot block heels in a solid colour, then pair them with a matching teddy coat or a bright animal print. Or, for your next special occasion, try a pair of patterned boots with a one-tone jumpsuit.

So, which of these wintery block heels will come home to you this season? 

If you’re still on the fence about a style, then don’t stress! You have plenty of time to browse style online and make your mind up. If you visit your local Spendless store instead, one of our team members can help narrow down the choices too!