Upcoming trends in kids shoes

We Love Toddler Shoes

Spendless Shoes has toddler sandals for you! We all know how much kids love to play and have fun, and it is essential that they have shoes that are up to the task. At Spendless Shoes, we have toddler sandals for all occasions and settings. Casual days, special events— we have shoes to fit every moment. Are you ready to find out what we have for your child? Read on for a quick spiel about some of our favourite and most significant toddler sandals.

A first introduction

First, we need to discuss the design and features of toddler sandals and shoes. Did you know that kids' shoes need to be built slightly differently to adult or older children's footwear? And no, we are not just talking about the sizes. Because they are still developing bone and muscle structure in their feet, kids need flatter shoes with less arch structure. It may seem counterintuitive, but the best toddler sandals and shoes have less built-in support. In fact, what you want to be looking out for when you buy these kinds of shoes is their flexibility. If they are lightweight and soft, then you are off to a good start. They should not just look great; they should feel great too. It is crucial that toddler sandals are comfortable and kind on their sensitive little feet.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can talk about the fun stuff: the styles!

Toddler sandals for play

At Spendless, we have some of the best toddler sandals for playtime. Our favourites come in styles for girls and boys and have sporty treads and enclosed toes. The sole provides plenty of protection for their feet so that you can trust them to sensitive feet safe from various lumps and bumps around the place.

These are an ideal pair to wear out on the playground. The side panels and cut-outs on these toddler sandals provide some airflow (forget stinky feet with these!) but keep kids safe from bark-chips, little rocks, and occasionally from wobbly little legs.

For a day down at the beach

They may not be up to swimming yet, but you will still want toddler sandals that can take some sun, sand, and surf. Spring and summer are the perfect times to bring out toddler sandals. At Spendless, we have velcro-strapped styles that are easy to rinse off when they get sandy. Otherwise, kids can always try some of our bright PVC thongs! You can find a variety of different patterns and colourings, such as cute crabs, super strawberries, and all sorts of stripes.

Footwear for a more formal occasion

Are you up to date with the latest looks in kids' shoes? If you want toddler sandals for a special event, you will be glad to know that Spendless has everyone's favourite styles this season. Toddler sandals for little kids at Spendless are just as stylish as the grown up ones. As such, you may see some of the years top shoe trends making an appearance on our toddler shoes.

Silver and white are quintessential for little girls' toddler sandals. How about styles with diamantes? The extra sparkle and shine on their shoes will make them feel like they have walked straight out of a fairytale.

Boys will find some very suave little toddler sandals waiting for them on our shelves. These have velcro straps to keep them secure, so no excited kicks will send these shoes flying, and were created based on one of our most popular men's looks.

Will you be picking up toddler sandals this season?

Get the look for less when you buy toddler sandals at Spendless. Visit us in a store or online, and find the best new styles for your kids today!